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A survey of using vocal prosody to convey emotion in robot speech
J Crumpton, CL Bethel – International Journal of Social Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The use of speech for robots to communicate with their human users has been facilitated by improvements in speech synthesis technology. Now that the intelligibility of synthetic speech has advanced to the point that speech synthesizers are a widely accepted

Sifting robotic from organic text: a natural language approach for detecting automation on Twitter
EM Clark, JR Williams, CA Jones, RA Galbraith… – Journal of …, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract Twitter, a popular social media outlet, has evolved into a vast source of linguistic data, rich with opinion, sentiment, and discussion. Due to the increasing popularity of Twitter, its perceived potential for exerting social influence has led to the rise of a diverse community

A user-centric design of service robots speech interface for the elderly
N Wang, F Broz, A Di Nuovo, T Belpaeme… – … in Nonlinear Speech …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The elderly population Belpaeme, Tony in the Europe have Cangelosi, Angelo quickly Broz, Frank increased and will Di Nuovo, Alessandro keep growing in the Wang, Ning coming years. In facing the elder care challenges posed by the amount of seniors

Efficient Grounding of Abstract Spatial Concepts for Natural Language Interaction with Robot Manipulators.
R Paul, J Arkin, N Roy… – Robotics: Science and …, 2016 –
Abstract—Our goal is to develop models that allow a robot to understand natural language instructions in the context of its world representation. Contemporary models learn possible correspondences between parsed instructions and candidate groundings that include

Natural Language Communication with Robots.
Y Bisk, D Yuret, D Marcu – HLT-NAACL, 2016 –
Abstract We propose a framework for devising empirically testable algorithms for bridging the communication gap between humans and robots. We instantiate our framework in the context of a problem setting in which humans give instructions to robots using unrestricted

Effects of voice-adaptation and social dialogue on perceptions of a robotic learning companion
N Lubold, E Walker, H Pon-Barry – … Conference on Human Robot …, 2016 –
Abstract With a growing number of applications involving social human-robot interactions, there is an increasingly important role for socially responsive speech interfaces that can effectively engage the user. For example, learning companions provide both task-related

Iconic gestures for robot avatars, recognition and integration with speech
P Bremner, U Leonards – Frontiers in psychology, 2016 –
Abstract Co-verbal gestures are an important part of human communication, improving its efficiency and efficacy for information conveyance. One possible means by which such multi-modal communication might be realized remotely is through the use of a tele-operated

Hybrid Voice Controller for Intelligent Wheelchair and Rehabilitation Robot Using Voice Recognition and Embedded Technologies
MF Ruzaij, S Neubert, N Stoll, K Thurow – Journal of Advanced …, 2016 –
Abstract The use of intelligent wheelchair and rehabilitation robots has increased rapidly in the recent years owing to a growing number of patients experiencing paralysis, quadriplegia, amputation, and geriatric conditions. In this paper, the design and

Development of coffee maker service robot using speech and face recognition systems using POMDP
W Budiharto, AAS Gunawan – First International Workshop …, 2016 –
There are many development of intelligent service robot in order to interact with user naturally. This purpose can be done by embedding speech and face recognition ability on specific tasks to the robot. In this research, we would like to propose Intelligent Coffee Maker

Design in robotics based in the voice of the customer of household robots
RM Ferrús, MD Somonte – Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract The aim of this study is the analysis of the state of the art in consumer robotics dedicated to personal care and housekeeping, for further critical analysis of it. After interviewing different users we will follow a methodology to find the voice of the customer.

Interactive Collaborative Robotics and Natural Language Interface Based on Multi-agent Recursive Cognitive Architectures
M Anchokov, V Denisenko, Z Nagoev… – … Collaborative Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The article represents a review of the world current state in robotics, its fields of implementation and application. It provides a description of a complex collaborative robotic system for monitoring and reconnaissance of leaks and spills of flammable, explosive and

Using natural language feedback in a neuro-inspired integrated multimodal robotic architecture
J Twiefel, X Hinaut, M Borghetti… – Robot and Human …, 2016 –
Abstract: In this paper we present a multi-modal human robot interaction architecture which is able to combine information coming from different sensory inputs, and can generate feedback for the user which helps to teach him/her implicitly how to interact with the robot.

Expressing homotopic requirements for mobile robot navigation through natural language instructions
D Yi, TM Howard, MA Goodrich… – Intelligent Robots and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Allowing a human to express topological requirements to a robot in language enables untrained users to guide robot movement without requiring the human to understand sophisticated robot algorithms. By using a homotopy class or classes to

Exploiting deep semantics and compositionality of natural language for Human-Robot-Interaction
M Eppe, S Trott, J Feldman – … Robots and Systems (IROS), 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract: We are developing a natural language interface for human robot interaction that implements reasoning about deep semantics in natural language. To realize the required deep analysis, we employ methods from cognitive linguistics, namely the modular and

Low Cost Arduino Based Voice Controlled Pick and Drop Service with Movable Robotic Arm
SK Mostaque, B Karmakar – European Journal of Engineering Research …, 2016 –
Abstract This paper presents the designing and implementation of low cost Arduino based Robotic Arm with ability of picking and placing the object as instructed by human voice. The robot also contains a feature of detection of object by itself through sonar technique before

Using voice coils to actuate modular soft robots: wormbot, an example
MP Nemitz, P Mihaylov, TW Barraclough… – … robotics, 2016 –
Abstract In this study, we present a modular worm-like robot, which utilizes voice coils as a new paradigm in soft robot actuation. Drive electronics are incorporated into the actuators, providing a significant improvement in self-sufficiency when compared with existing soft

Noise mask for TDOA sound source localization of speech on mobile robots in noisy environments
F Grondin, F Michaud – Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract: Sound source localization is an important challenge for mobile robots operating in real life settings. Sound sources of interest, such as speech, are often corrupted by broadband coherent noise sound source (s) that are non-stationary during transitions

Motion generation in android robots during laughing speech
CT Ishi, T Funayama, T Minato… – Intelligent Robots and …, 2016 –
Abstract: We are dealing with the problem of generating natural human-like motions during speech in android robots, which have human-like appearances. So far, automatic generation methods have been proposed for lip and head motions of tele-presence robots,

Evaluation of a three-mode robotic manipulator control interface that employs voice and multi-touch commands
T Oka, K Matsushima – Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM) …, 2016 –
Abstract: In this paper, we present a user study of a multimodal interface to control a robotic manipulator that employs voice and multi-touch commands. We have designed and implemented a new interface based on the results of a pilot study. This interface operates in

Technological evaluation of gesture and speech interfaces for enabling dismounted soldier-robot dialogue
RK Kattoju, DJ Barber… – SPIE Defense …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT With increasing necessity for intuitive Soldier-robot communication in military operations and advancements in interactive technologies, autonomous robots have transitioned from assistance tools to functional and operational teammates able to service

Automatic recognition of child speech for robotic applications in noisy environments
S Fernando, RK Moore, D Cameron, EC Collins… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2016 –
Abstract: Automatic speech recognition (ASR) allows a natural and intuitive interface for robotic educational applications for children. However there are a number of challenges to overcome to allow such an interface to operate robustly in realistic settings, including the

Using robots in “Hands-on” academic activities: a case study examining speech-generating device use and required skills
K Adams, A Cook – Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive …, 2016 – Taylor & Francis
Abstract Purpose: A 12-year-old girl, Emily, with complex communication needs and severe physical limitations, controlled a Lego robot from a speech-generating device (SGD) to do various “hands-on” academic activities. Emily’s teacher and assistive technology (AT) team

Program robots manufacturing tasks by natural language instructions
Y Jia, L She, Y Cheng, J Bao… – … (CASE), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 –
Abstract: Robotic systems are traditionally programmed through off-line coding interfaces for manufacturing tasks. These programming methods are usually time-consuming and cost a lot of human efforts. They cannot meet the emerging requirements of robotic systems in

Towards Real-Time Natural Language Corrections for Assistive Robots
A Broad, J Arkin, N Ratliff, T Howard… – … for Human-Robot …, 2016 –
Abstract—We propose a generalizable natural language interface that allows users to provide corrective instructions to an assistive robotic manipulator in real-time. Allowing human operators to modify properties of how their robotic counterpart achieves a goal on-

A Low Cost Desktop Robot and Tele-Presence Device for Interactive Speech Research.
MC Brady – INTERSPEECH, 2016 –
Abstract In building robotic systems that interact with people through speech, many robotics engineers are obliged to treat artificial speech recognition and synthesis as a black-box problem best left to speech engineers to solve. Yet speech engineers today typically do not

A Human-Robot Speech Interface for an Autonomous Marine Teammate
M Novitzky, HRR Dougherty, MR Benjamin – … on Social Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract There is current interest in creating human-robot teams in which a human operator is in its own conveyance teaming up with several autonomous teammates. In this work we focus on human-robot teamwork in the marine environment as it is challenging and can

Towards on-site collaborative robotics: Voice control, co-speech gesture & context-specific object recognition via ad-hoc communication
T Schwartz, S Andraos, J Nelson, C Knapp, B Arnold – 2016 –
Abstract This work presents a novel set of accessible, unified hardware and software solutions facilitating the implementation of natural human-machine interactions, as required by collaborative robotics in both indoor and outdoor environments. This extensible

Mimic Recognition and Reproduction in Bilateral Human-Robot Speech Communication
A Yuschenko, S Vorotnikov, D Konyshev… – … Collaborative Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract This paper describes the principles of mimic recognition and reproduction for robots with ability to simulate facial emotional states of a human face. A new method of describing and managing the emotional state from basic emotional states is proposed. The method

The Teachers’ Voice: Using Photovoice and Concept Mapping to Evaluate an Innovative Prekindergarten Robotics Program
DL Carlson, S Wehry, B McLemore – International Conference on Concept …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to describe the results of a photovoice evaluation of a robotics and programming project for prekindergarten (RAPP). RAPP researchers developed and implemented the program at three urban childcare centers in six teacher’s

Leveraging phantom signals for improved voice-based human-robot interaction
R Gomez, Y Vasylkiv, K Nakamura… – Robot and Human …, 2016 –
Abstract: Voice-based system used in human-robot interaction is susceptible to challenging environment conditions. In an enclosed environment, the speech signal is often reflected which causes smearing as it is observed in the microphone. This phenomenon creates

Voice Guided Military Robot for Defence Application
PN Patel, P Singh, MB Patel, SB Patel –
Abstract History is a replete with battles and wars since the dawn of civilization. Right from the ancient times, the foot soldiers have fought and won the battle for the victor. However, over the past decade or so, the infantry’s role has changed-the emergence of smart

Voice Control Robot for Object Detection
AU Deshmukh, PD Aher, MS Kakade, SD Bhise –
Abstract The project presents a smart approach for a real time inspection and selection of objects. Image processing in today’s world grabs massive attentions as it leads to possibilities of broaden application in many fields of high technology. This project presents a

A voice controlled robot for continuous patient assistance
SK Pramanik, ZA Onik, N Anam… – Medical Engineering …, 2016 –
Abstract: In this project, we have aimed to design a fully voice controlled robot which can work round the clock as an assistant in hospitals. The intention was to design a cost-effective robot which can work in the absence of a nurse, thus reducing overload on workers or

Robot Operation via Natural Voice Control
V Lee, C Ly, B Chen – 2016 –
1 Abstract In this paper we present an introductory implementation of a natural language movement input system for the BWI robots. The objective is to implement simple and intuitive voice commands as a basic interface for human-robot interaction. The need for this interface

Speech Intent Recognition for Robots
B Shen, D Inkpen – … and Computers in Sciences and in Industry …, 2016 –
Abstract: We present the design of a dialog manager that performs speech intent recognition, based on a finite state machine which enables simultaneous processing of multiple sub-modules and maintains ordered transitions of system states. The dialog

Speech recognition based robotic system of wheelchair for disable people
SU UPase – Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES) …, 2016 –
Abstract: This system aims to design, assimilate, combine and test a motorized, speech recognized protocol of wheelchair. This idea helps physically disabled patient to control the direction without any external manual force. There are many people who are unable to

Parametric Studies on Motion Intensity Factors in a Robotic Welding Using Speech Recognition
AS Kumar, K Mallikarjuna, AB Krishna… – … (IACC), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 –
Abstract: The manufacturing strategies have been modernised and became autonomous by using robotic control and voice control system. Factors analysed for effectiveness of the present system for the application of welding. Pre operational setups, control variables for

Speech and Language for Acceptance of Social Robots: An Overview
JA Markowitz – 2016 –
Abstract We are entering the age of robots in which social and personal robots will become part of our daily personal and professional lives. This paper explores two major ways in which speech and language contribute to user acceptance of social and personal robots: as

Speech semantic recognition: A control mechanism for assistive robot
SNA Mohamad, AA Jamaludin… – … Technology: Theory and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Speech semantic recognition system is a system that can be applied on assistive robotic application that using a meaning of speech for people who suffers permanent disability to move around freely. In this project the user interface is provided in order to

AA Abed, AA Jasim –
ABSTRACT This paper presents a technique for a speech recognizer used to control the motion of an intelligent automated mobile robot. The aim is to interact with the mobile robot using natural and direct communication techniques. The voice is processed to get proper

A study on motion control of a robotic endoscope holder using speech recognition
K Zinchenko, CY Wu, KT Song – Industrial Technology (ICIT) …, 2016 –
Abstract: This paper presents a design of speech recognition interface for a robotic endoscope holder for abdominal Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). A set of seven voice commands are used to control 3 degree of freedom (DOF) robotic arm with remote center of

Are commercial ‘personal robots’ ready for language learning? Focus on second language speech
S Moussalli, W Cardoso – CALL communities and culture–short …, 2016 –
Abstract. Today’s language classrooms are challenged with limited classroom time and lack of input, and output practice in a stress-free environment (Hsu, 2015). The use of commercial, readily available tools such as Personal Robots (PRs; eg Amazon’s Echo, Jibo)

Hybrid visual servoing design for a continuum robot under visibility constraint and voice commands
CY Wu, KT Song – … Automation and Systems (ICCAS), 2016 16th …, 2016 –
Abstract: This paper presents a method to combine voice control and hybrid visual servoing for a continuum robot. In this design, the continuum robot autonomously tracks the element of interest and maintains its position in the safe region based on image information. A

Probabilistic Models for Real-Time Natural Language Corrections to Assistive Robotic Manipulators
J Arkin, A Broad, T Howard, B Argall –
Discussion The size of our corpus was a limitation; in many of the incorrectly inferred cases, the parse failed because it occasionally encountered unknown words. This can be addressed via the incorporation of new training examples producing a more diverse lexicon.

Voice controlled camera enabled robot
S Ansari – 2016 –
Disaster management is the main objective of this project besides surveillance and security purposes. The aim of the project is to find or search the people who are stuck due to some kind of disaster using a robot mechanism. The project mainly is based on speech processing

Robust speech/non-speech discrimination based on pitch estimation for mobile robots
F Grondin, F Michaud – Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract: To be used on a mobile robot, speech/non-speech discrimination must be robust to environmental noise and to the position of the interlocutor, without necessarily having to satisfy low-latency requirements. To address these conditions, this paper presents a

Design and implementation of a speech controlled omnidirectional mobile robot using a DTW-based recognition algorithm
PY Chen, NS Pai, GY Chen… – Applied System Innovation …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT: This paper presents a voice controlled omnidirectional mobile robot using a Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)-based Mandarin speech recognition algorithm. Acoustic models are built with two sets of characteristic parameters, ie Linear Prediction Cepstral

Environment compensation using a posteriori statistics for distant speech-based human-robot interaction
R Gomez, K Nakamura – … Robots (Humanoids), 2016 IEEE-RAS …, 2016 –
Abstract: Distant hands-free interaction with robot using voice is a difficult task. As the speech signal is reflected within the physical constraints of the room, the speech is contaminated by the environment and speech enhancement alone is not enough to rectify

A Talking Robot and Its Real-Time Interactive Modification for Speech Clarification
TV Nhu, H Sawada – SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and …, 2016 –
Abstract: The authors are developing a talking robot based on the physical model of human vocal organs in order to reproduce human speech mechanically. This study focuses on developing a real-time interface to control and visualize talking behavior. The talking robot

Voice Controlled Robotic Wheel-Chair for Physically Disabled With Live Data Streaming
C Yadav, BM Amruth –
Abstract: Apply autonomy is the branch of mechanical building, electrical designing and software engineering that arrangements with the outline, development, operation, and use of robots, and additionally PC frameworks for their control, tangible input, and data preparing.

Thai speech synthesis based on Formant synthesis for home robot
C Khorinphan, S Saiyod… – Computer Science and …, 2016 –
Abstract: A few years ago, the home robot has an important role for the human life. Human needs to operate the robot of the work instead for the humans, and some robots can talk with humans speech, such as English language or Japanese language. On the other hand, but

AVR based Robotic Arm for Speech Impaired People
A Jadhav, M Joshi – 2016 –
ABSTRACT Communication is the most important part of human life. Deaf and dump people face many problems while communicating with the normal people. They interact with help of sign language, but this sign language is not understood by the common people. Speech

Voice Controlled Robot using Neural Network based Speech Recognition using Linear Predictive Coding
MYA Khan, H Rasheed… – Bahria University Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract Voice controlled robots, machines and systems are becoming more and more common in the current era of technology. Robots which can be operated by human verbal commands have widespread applications in the area of medicine, industry, military and as

Bangla voice controlled robot for rescue operation in noisy environment
A Bhattacharjee, AI Khan, MZ Haider… – Region 10 …, 2016 –
Abstract: We present the design and implementation of a prototype of Bangla voice controlled robotic motion based on an efficient and unique algorithm for accurately detecting Bangla voice commands. For the detection of Bangla voice commands to control the

System and method for recognizing human emotion state based on analysis of speech and facial feature extraction; applications to human-robot interaction
M Rabiei, A Gasparetto – Robotics and Mechatronics (ICROM) …, 2016 –
Abstract: Humanoid robot and Artificial Intelligence make a proper mutual communication to interact with ordinary people. Advanced research in emotional interaction field will be based on the growing understanding, speech recognition and facial expression processes.

Robust Recognition of Simultaneous Speech By a Mobile Robot
JM Valin, S Yamamoto, J Rouat, F Michaud… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2016 –
Abstract: This paper describes a system that gives a mobile robot the ability to perform automatic speech recognition with simultaneous speakers. A microphone array is used along with a real-time implementation of Geometric Source Separation and a post-filter that

Pick and place mobile robot for the disabled through voice commands
WS Kit, C Venkatratnam – Robotics and Manufacturing …, 2016 –
Abstract: A mobile robot is designed to pick and place the objects through voice commands. This work would be practically useful to wheelchair bound persons. The pick and place robot is designed in a way that it is able to help the user to pick up an item that is placed at two

Adaptation of the humanoid robot to speech disfluency therapy
? Kwa?niewicz, W Kuniszyk-Jó?kowiak… – Bio-Algorithms and …, 2016 –
Abstract The paper describes an application that allows to use a humanoid robot as a stutterer’s assistant and therapist. Auditory and visual feedback has been used in the therapy with a humanoid robot. For this purpose, the common method of “echo” was

3D-Printed Mobile Robot Platform with Multi-variant task specific end-effector and Voice Control
JE Tapia –
Abstract—The purpose of the paper is to detail how 3D printing can be used to aid in the construction of a robot to accomplish a variety of tasks. A robot was designed using Polylactic acid (PLA) that has 3 modes the modes being remote control, autonomous, and

Grounding speech utterances in robotics affordances: An embodied statistical language model
F Stramandinoli, V Tikhanoff… – … Epigenetic Robotics  …, 2016 –
Abstract: We propose an embodied statistical language model for learning the meaning of word sequences, which incorporate action words (ie push, pull, tap, etc.,). The model attempts to unify embodied grounding and dis-embodied processing by representing the

Real-Time Coordination in Human-Robot Interaction Using Face and Voice.
G Skantze – AI Magazine, 2016 –
When humans interact and collaborate with each other, they coordinate their turn-taking behaviours using verbal and non-verbal signals, expressed in the face and voice. If robots of the future are supposed to engage in social interaction with humans, it is essential that they

Autonomous mobile robot platform with multi-variant task-specific end-effector and voice activation
J Tapia, E Wineman, P Benavidez… – World Automation …, 2016 –
Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to demonstrate how 3D printing can be used to aid in the construction, design and implementation of an autonomous robot to accomplish a variety of tasks. A robot is designed using Polylactic acid (PLA) that has 3 modes: remote control,

Blind speech separation system for humanoid robot with FastICA for audio filtering and separation
W Budiharto, AAS Gunawan – First International Workshop on …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT Nowadays, there are many developments in building intelligent humanoid robot, mainly in order to handle voice and image. In this research, we propose blind speech separation system using FastICA for audio filtering and separation that can be used in

Speech semantic recognition system for an assistive robotic application
SNA Mohamad, AA Jamaludin… – Automatic Control and …, 2016 –
Abstract: This project creates a speech semantic recognition system that can be applied in the assistive robotic application by using the meaning of speech for people who suffer a permanent disability that cannot move around normally. The user interface of this speech

ABSTRACT Thesystemaccomplishwiththehelpofaandr oiddevicewhichtransmitsvoicecommandstoa… inoboardtoexecute thisfunctionality. Thetransmittersubsistsoftheandro idphoneBluetoothdevice. Thevoicecommandsreco gnizedbythedevice

Implementation of Voice Controlled Color Sensing Robotic ARM on NI myRIO using NI Lab VIEW
RAJK LBiradar, P REDDY – 2016 –
Abstract: This paper presents the implementation of voice controlled color sensing robotic intended to sort colored objects with a three axes robotic arm. The color sensing robotic arm is capable of gripping the different colored cubes based on the color, sort and place them in

Voice commanded mobile robot for search and follow operations in unknown environments
C Saliba – 2016 –
We are increasingly becoming accustomed to living and working side by side with robots. Apart from supporting us by doing hazardous and mundane jobs, robots are becoming indispensable in a number of industries. Most mobile robots implement a speech interface in

Voice Dialogue with a Collaborative Robot Driven by Multimodal Semantics
A Kharlamov, K Ermishin – … on Interactive Collaborative Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The paper describes the control system of an autonomous mobile service robot using a human-machine dialogue to control the robot in a way natural for human with the help of syntactic structures that define the sequence of certain actions. The interaction with

Robotic assistant for support in speech therapy for children with cerebral palsy
V Robles-Bykbaev, M Ochoa-Guaraca… – … (ROPEC), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 –
Abstract: Nowadays the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that one billion persons live in the world with some form of disability. From this group, an important number of children with disabilities and communication disorders do not have access to adequate

Continuously Improving Natural Language Understanding for Robotic Systems through Semantic Parsing, Dialog, and Multi-modal Perception
J Thomason – 2016 –
Abstract Robotic systems that interact with untrained human users must be able to understand and respond to natural language commands and questions. If a person requests “take me to Alice’s office”, the system and person must know that Alice is a person who owns

Using Speech Recognition, Haptic Control and Augmented Reality to enable Human-Robot Collaboration in Assembly Manufacturing: Research Proposal
P Gustavsson – 2016 –
ABSTRACT In recent years robots have become more adaptive and aware of the surroundings which enables them for use in human-robot collaboration. By introducing robots into the same working cell as the human, then the two can collaborate by letting the

Intelligent speech control system for human-robot interaction
X Liu, SS Ge, R Jiang, CH Goh – Control Conference (CCC) …, 2016 –
Abstract: Accurately extracting subjective contents of speech signals and applying it on controlling robots remain to this day a challenging task as well as an insistent demand in human-robot interaction (HRI). A simple classification of human’s intentions may limit the

Voice Controlled Robotic Surveillance With Live Video Streming
LS Kumar –
Abstract: Today Robots play a major role in Defense area for surveillance. Here in this paper we propose a Robot built with live video streaming as with vision, temperature and humidity recording in addition with earth quake detection. The technology is based on Human-Robot

KN Paithankar, AL Borkar –
ABSTRACT Robotics is a key technology in the modern world. Robots are a well-established part of manufacturing and warehouse automation, assembling cars or washing machines, and, for example, moving goods to and from storage racks for Internet mail order.

Improving Multilingual Interaction for Consumer Robots through Signal Enhancement in Multichannel Speech
E Tsardoulias, AG Thallas, AL Symeonidis… – Journal of the Audio …, 2016 –
Social robotics have become a trend in contemporary robotics research since they can be successfully used in a wide range of applications. One of the most fundamental communication skills a consumer robot must have is the oral interaction with a human in

Enhancement of the noise immunity of a voice-activated robotics control system based on phonetic word decoding method
VV Savchenko – Journal of Communications Technology and …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The problem of protection of a voice-activated robotics control system against the acoustic noise similar to the speaker voice is investigated. A new algorithm for voice signal processing using the phonetic word decoding method and the (R+ 1) information element is

Speech control pick and place robotic arm with flexiforce sensor
JB Ramgire, SM Jagdale – Inventive Computation Technologies …, 2016 –
Abstract: Speech processing has become more popular for providing gigantic security in industrial applications. This paper proposes speech control pick and place robotic arm with flexiforce sensor. For security purpose different techniques are used but speech provides

Keynote speech 1: Online machine learning for big data analytics by cognitive robots
Y Wang, G Wang, A Sarrafzadeh – Online Analysis and …, 2016 –
Abstract: It is recognized that both sources of and solutions to the big data challenges are human collective intelligence. Data are an abstract representation of the quantity of realistic entities and perceived objects. Big data play an indispensable role not only in a wide range

Development of a two wheeled self balancing robot with speech recognition and navigation algorithm
MM Rahman, Ashik-E-Rasul, NMA Haq… – AIP Conference …, 2016 –
This paper is aimed to discuss modeling, construction and development of navigation algorithm of a two wheeled self balancing mobile robot in an enclosure. In this paper, we have discussed the design of two of the main controller algorithms, namely PID algorithms,

An Acoustic Analysis of Child-Child and Child-Robot Interactions for Understanding Engagement during Speech-Controlled Computer Games.
T Chaspari, JF Lehman – INTERSPEECH, 2016 –
Abstract Engagement is an essential factor towards successful game design and effective human-computer interaction. We analyze the prosodic patterns of child-child and child-robot pairs playing a language-based computer game. Acoustic features include speech loudness

Speech control of robotic hand augmented with 3D animation using neural network
R Ismail, M Ariyanto, W Caesarendra… – … IECBES), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 –
Abstract: In this paper, speech control of robotic hand augmented with 3D animation system has been proposed and presented. Artificial neural network is employed for speech recognition method with tansig and softmax transfer function in hidden layer and output

Course Design and Implementation of Robots Control with Speaker-independent Voice
C XU, X WU, Q WANG – Research and Exploration in Laboratory, 2016 –
It is an urgent need to improve the innovation ability of college students in the modern society, and robot practice platform is the best engineering project. Therefore, the course design of MCU takes” robots control with speaker-independent voice” as subject. The

Multi-modal Integration of Speech and Gestures for Interactive Robot Scenarios
F Cruz, GI Parisi, S Wermter –
Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has become an increasingly interesting area of study among developmental roboticists since robot learning can be speeded up with the use of parent-like trainers who deliver useful advice allowing robots to learn a specific task in less time than a

Computer simulation of human–robot interaction through natural language
R Khummongkol, M Yokota – Artificial Life and Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Human–robot interaction in natural (or human) language is simulated as intelligent management of English conversation between a humanoid robot and several kinds of people on imagination. The robot is destined to help a disabled old man by comprehending

Autonomous mobile robot to improve sound environment for speech conversation
S Kawai, M Uehara, S Okawa… – The Journal of the …, 2016 –
This study pursues to improve sound environment for speech conversation by moving an articulation panel by a robot. We tried to move the articulation panel to behind of the listeners by a small robot to keep fixed distance from the listener. An optimal location of the

Online Library Management Using Voice Recognizer Robot System
KS Kumar –
Abstract:-This project aims to develop an efficient robot using a laser pointer for a library management system. The gestures of the robot are designed by its body movements. The robot is predesigned with the estimation results of human behavior and is capable of

Development of a Voice-Controlled Human-Robot Interface
W Khaewratana – 2016 –
Abstract The goal of this thesis is to develop a voice-controlled human-robot interface (HRI) which allows a person to control and communicate with a robot. Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a commercially available automatic speech recognition engine, was chosen for the

Design and Implementation of Voice Controlled Robot
SSAK DDP-SP13 – 2016 –
The current advancement being made in the area of robotics is something that was unimaginable at one point of time. A Robot is an advanced system made up minute things inclusive of sensors, manipulators, control system and a well-designed software all working

An Intelligent Speech Recognition and Obstacle Detection Robot
O Bhalekar, A Aacharya, S Banjan, V Gharat –
Abstract—With the population booming decade by decade and with the advent of new technologies it is necessary that both of them work hand in hand to provide a sustainable service for the aging population mainly in medical fields. Present scenario demands such

Human-Robot Cooperative Conveyance Using Speech and Head Gaze
T Oka, S Uchino – Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on …, 2016 –
Abstract In this study, we designed a strategy using speech and head gaze and a set of voice commands for cooperative conveyance by a human and a robot. In the designed strategy, the human turns his or her head to face the robot and gives one of twelve spoken

Toward systematic awareness control in robotic cognition by natural language
M Yokota, R Khummongkol – Machine Learning and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Recently, in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), special attention has been paid to deep neural networks (DNNs) because of remarkable performance in various pattern-recognition tasks, especially in visual classification problems. However, interesting

Robotic Remote Surveillance and Control through Speech Recognition
MIP Tamhankar, MSB Tamhankar, MSP Patil… –
Abstract—This paper deals with the remote based robotic surveillance system and control through speech processing. Robotic remote surveillance and control through speech recognition is a kind of simple Cyber Physical system. Cyber Physical system is connection

Prototyping of a Voice Command Based Object Recognizing Robot Using Speech and Image Feature Extraction
B Heuju, B Lakha, D Bhusal, KL Shrestha… – Zerone …, 2016 –
Abstract Thispaperdescribestheinterfacingoftwoimpo… humansensingfeatures hearingandvision, toarobot. Therobots task is de?ned to recognize the voice command from the human and recognize the object that the robot has been commanded to recognize. The

Speech generation for humanoid robot interaction
E Ernawati, DK Basuki, A Barakbah… – Knowledge Creation …, 2016 –
Abstract: Humanoid robot is a robot that has intelligence like human. In this research, the team has build a robot called by FLoW. The robot is designed to have the ability as human beings, one of the ability is able to communicate. In the process of communication requires

A Study on Real-Time Walking Action Control of Biped Robot with Twenty Six Joints Based on Voice Command
SY Jo, MS Kim, JS Yang, YM Koo… – … of Control, Robotics …, 2016 –
Abstract The Voice recognition is one of convenient methods to communicate between human and robots. This study proposes a speech recognition method using speech recognizers based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with a combination of techniques to

Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing: Recent Approaches in Multimedia and Robotics
P Wiriyathammabhum, D Summers-Stay… – ACM Computing …, 2016 –
Abstract Integrating computer vision and natural language processing is a novel interdisciplinary field that has received a lot of attention recently. In this survey, we provide a comprehensive introduction of the integration of computer vision and natural language

Double Topic Shifts in Open Domain Conversations: Natural Language Interface for a Wikipedia-based Robot Application
K Jokinen, G Wilcock – OKBQA 2016, 2016 –
Abstract The paper describes topic shifting in dialogues with a robot that provides information from Wikipedia. The work focuses on a double topical construction of dialogue coherence which refers to discourse coherence on two levels: the evolution of dialogue

Using natural language processing (NLP) for designing socially intelligent robots
IA Hameed – … and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL …, 2016 –
Abstract: The design of natural interaction with social robots is highly complex process, given the huge design space of robots in terms of appearance and behavior and the challenges arising when using face detection and speech recognition in the wild. More

Teach robots understanding new object types and attributes through natural language instructions
J Bao, Z Hong, H Tang, Y Cheng… – … (ICST), 2016 10th …, 2016 –
Abstract: Robots often have limited knowledge about the environment and need to continuously acquire new knowledge in order to collaborate with the humans. To address this issue, this paper presents a method which allows the human to teach a robot new object

Unsupervised Natural Language Acquisition and Grounding to Visual Representations for Robotic Systems
M Alomari, P Duckworth, Y Gatsoulis, DC Hogg… –
Abstract We present a cognitively plausible novel framework capable of learning the components of natural language for robotic systems in a real world environment. The system is trained by a “showand-tell” procedure, in which video clips paired with natural language

Analytic approach for natural language based supervisory control of robotic manipulations
Y Cheng, J Bao, Y Jia, Z Deng… – Robotics and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Robots have been widely used in industrial and domestic areas. To control their behaviors, multiple approaches have been proposed to reduce the complexity of controlling robots. Among them, natural language (NL) control is attracting increasingly more attention

Programming a humanoid robot in natural language
N Vitucci, AM Franchi, G Gini –
Abstract—Programming a robot in natural language is a long time dream. Today applications, using a simplified vocabulary, are still far from really interacting in natural language with a robot to ask it to perform actions. Here we investigate why the task is still

Grounding robot motion in natural language and visual perception
SA Bronikowski – 2016 –
Abstract The current state of the art in military and first responder ground robots involves heavy physical and cognitive burdens on the human operator while taking little to no advantage of the potential autonomy of robotic technology. The robots currently in use are

Natural Language Processing for Human-Robot Interaction
DS de Gracia –
ABSTRACT It would simply reinforce what is evident, if it were stated:” Robots are becoming an essential part in our daily lives”. Currently the use of robots in several and different industries is widespread. Nonetheless, how do we communicate and interact with robots? If

REHABROBO-QUERY: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud
Z Dogmus, E Erdem, V Patoglu –
Abstract We introduce a novel method to answer natural language queries about rehabilitation robotics, over the formal ontology REHABROBO-ONTO. For that,(i) we design and develop a novel controlled natural language for rehabilitation robotics, called

Robust comprehension of natural language instructions by a domestic service robot
T Kobori, T Nakamura, M Nakano, T Nagai… – … Robotics, 2016 – Taylor & Francis
We present a method through which domestic service robots can comprehend natural language instructions. For each action type, a variety of natural language expressions can be used, for example, the instruction,’Go to the kitchen’can also be expressed as ‘Move to

Natural Spatial Language Generation for Indoor Robot
Z Huo, M Skubic –
… Keywords-spatial language; language generation; robotics … “Using spatial language to drive a robot for an indoor environment fetch task.” In Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014), 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on, pp. 1361-1366. IEEE, 2014. …

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