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This list represents a search of github for “aiml”, Nov 2017.

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[100x Nov 2017]

  • program-o/program-o php mysql aiml chatbot – one click installation. fully loaded admin area to admin your chatbot. set up multiple chatb…
  • andelf/pyaiml pyaiml is an interpreter for aiml (artificial intelligence markup language). cloned from sf.net.
  • keiffster/program-y python 3.x based aiml 2.0 chatbot interpreter, framework, related programs and knowledge files
  • lumenrobot/program-ab fork of program ab, the reference implementation of the aiml 2.0 draft specification. aiml is a widely adopted standa…
  • cdwfs/pyaiml an interpreter module for aiml (artificial intelligence markup language), implemented in pure python
  • dotcypress/aiml [deprecated] artificial intelligence markup language lib for node.js
  • codeanticode/chatbots-library chatbots is a library for the processing programming language and environment that provides classes implementing a va…
  • liveashish/chatbot this is an ai bot which can chat with the user using aiml based contexts.
  • renatopp/aerolito an aiml alternative, yaml based. aerolito works like a simulation of natural language processing.
  • voduytuan/restful-aiml-bot simple restful api to process query (via get param) and return data based on aiml for building chatbot
  • beldar/programe attempt to continue with program e development and update to the latest aiml standards.
  • smith1255/pychat simple python chatbot using alice aiml files (contains the library of english responses). most of the program was wri…
  • alexanderbazo/urtalking urtalking is an ongoing approach and example to link aiml with a prolog fact base using php and web frontend.
  • somenice/pablo python aiml bluetooth language object. an open source social robot.
  • csu/alicechatapi uses the alice aiml to control a chatbot through a rest api on flask. with speech recognition!
  • souri/rey rey is a pseudo intelligent chat-bot, based on aiml. it supports xmpp and hangouts for now.
  • haggaishachar/program-ab program ab is the reference implementation of the aiml 2.0 – artificial intelligence markup language. aiml is a widel…
  • codekiln/aiml nerd safaris in artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • nicholi/aimlbot aimlbot (program#) is a small, fast, standards-compliant yet easily customizable .net dll implementation of an aiml (…
  • pureexe/irin-lang irin-lang is dialect for creating natural language software agents. like aiml
  • the-kunze/oob-sample-app contains the java and xml for a simple android app that demonstrates how to use oob tags in aiml
  • mleiria/aiml machine learning implementation algorithms in java with web interface
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