100 Best GitHub: Chat-bot


This 100 item list represents a search of github for “chat-bot”, Nov 2017.


  • github.com/topics/bot .. an application that runs automated, usually repetitive tasks
  • susi.ai .. chat with an open source personal assistant

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[100x Nov 2017]

  • gunthercox/chatterbot chatterbot is a machine learning, conversational dialog engine for creating chat bots
  • kwoth/nadekobot open source, general-purpose discord chat bot written in c#
  • botman/botman a framework agnostic php library to build chat bots
  • fossasia/susi_server software and skills for personal assistants using susi ai / artificial intelligence for chat bots http://api.susi.ai
  • toshiapp/toshi-app-js foundation for building a javascript app for toshi (chat bot / web view) with configurations for docker and heroku
  • claudiajs/claudia-bot-builder create chat bots for facebook messenger, slack, amazon alexa, skype, telegram, viber, line, groupme, kik and twilio a…
  • botlibre/botlibre an open platform for artificial intelligence, chat bots, virtual agents, social media automation, and live chat autom…
  • blueset/ehforwarderbot an extensible message tunneling chat bot framework. delivers messages between platforms and remotely control your oth…
  • moondroid/chatbot android chat experiment with an a.l.i.c.e. artificial intelligence.
  • netflix/brutal a multi-network asynchronous chat bot framework using twisted
  • lumenrobot/program-ab fork of program ab, the reference implementation of the aiml 2.0 draft specification. aiml is a widely adopted standa…
  • concierge/concierge modular chat bot. (karma + sassy + hubot) * (discord + facebook + messenger + slack + skype + telegram + hipchat + ..…
  • ddsky/chatbot a simple chat bot in javascript with links to smart apis.
  • schumix/chatterbotapi a mono/.net, java, python and php chatter bot api that supports cleverbot, jabberwacky and pandorabots. original repo…
  • ibid/ibid ibid is a multi-protocol general purpose chat bot written in python. bugs tracked on launchpad.
  • wyozi/hash.js chat bot used in the “garry’s mod coders” steam group chat. (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gmodcoders)
  • imondal007/gogo gogo – free bootstrap template for chat bot landing page
  • bocoup/chatter a collection of useful primitives for creating interactive chat bots.
  • ankitbko/mebot the is code for my blogs on chat bots using microsoft bot framework
  • jgayfer/spirit spirit is a discord chat bot designed to assist destiny 2 players with everything from clan management to keeping tra…
  • manthanhd/talkify talkify is an open source framework with an aim to standardize and model conversational ai enabling development of pe…
  • lyude/phantombot phantombot is a multi-purpose, cross-platform chat bot for twitch.tv
  • salman-bhai/whatsapp-web parsing whatsapp web on the linux terminal and using the terminal with advanced functionality like creating local bac…
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