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This 100 item list represents a search of github for “chatbot”, Nov 2017.


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[100x Nov 2017]

  • gunthercox/chatterbot chatterbot is a machine learning, conversational dialog engine for creating chat bots
  • zsdonghao/tensorlayer tensorlayer: deep learning and reinforcement learning library for researcher and engineer.
  • kwoth/nadekobot open source, general-purpose discord chat bot written in c#
  • conchylicultor/deepqa my tensorflow implementation of “a neural conversational model”, a deep learning based chatbot
  • pandolia/qqbot qqbot: a conversation robot base on tencent’s smartqq
  • jinfagang/weibo_terminater final weibo crawler scrap anything from weibo, comments, weibo contents, followers, anything. the terminator
  • errbotio/errbot errbot is a chatbot, a daemon that connects to your favorite chat service and bring your tools and some fun into the …
  • botpress/botpress ? modular chatbot framework that ? thousands of bots all around the world
  • botman/botman a framework agnostic php library to build chat bots
  • program-o/program-o php mysql aiml chatbot – one click installation. fully loaded admin area to admin your chatbot. set up multiple chatbots
  • claudiajs/claudia-bot-builder create chat bots for facebook messenger, slack, amazon alexa, skype, telegram, viber, line, groupme, kik and twilio a…
  • pender/chatbot-rnn a toy chatbot powered by deep learning and trained on data from reddit
  • rasahq/rasa_core machine learning based dialogue engine for conversational software
  • ibm/watson-online-store code for cognitive developer journey that uses watson conversation and watson discovery. this application demonstrate…
  • dcsan/gitterbot gitterbot / gitter chatbot with wiki integration, and more!
  • blueset/ehforwarderbot an extensible message tunneling chat bot framework. delivers messages between platforms and remotely control your oth…
  • tmijs/tmi.js ? javascript library for the twitch messaging interface. (twitch.tv)
  • looker/lookerbot lookerbot lets you access all your looker data from slack! super fun!
  • ibm/watson-banking-chatbot a chatbot for banking that uses the watson conversation, discovery, natural language understanding and tone analyzer …
  • aichaos/rivescript-js a rivescript interpreter for javascript. rivescript is a scripting language for chatterbots.
  • moondroid/chatbot android chat experiment with an a.l.i.c.e. artificial intelligence.
  • keiffster/program-y python 3.x based aiml 2.0 chatbot interpreter, framework, related programs and knowledge files
  • conbus/fbmq facebook messenger platform python library (facebook chatbot library)
  • yoda-pa/yoda personal assistant, based on the command line. herh herh
  • pteichman/cobe a markov chain based text generation library and megahal style chatbot
  • messenger4j/messenger4j a java library for building chatbots on the facebook messenger platform – easy and fast.
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