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[100x Nov 2017]

  • gunthercox/chatterbot chatterbot is a machine learning, conversational dialog engine for creating chat bots
  • aichaos/rivescript-js a rivescript interpreter for javascript. rivescript is a scripting language for chatterbots.
  • schumix/chatterbotapi a mono/.net, java, python and php chatter bot api that supports cleverbot, jabberwacky and pandorabots. original repo…
  • aichaos/rivescript-go a rivescript interpreter for go. rivescript is a scripting language for chatterbots.
  • tavonkelly/chatterbot bringing pandorabot to minecraft! http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chatterbot.890/
  • patriciogonzalezvivo/ofxeliza wrapper for “chatterbot eliza 2.0” made by gonzales cenelia. with is a c++ implementation of this well know chatbot
  • mkenyon/bucket bucket is a slack-based learning chatterbot. it is inspired by #xkcd.
  • martinbigio/chatterbot a simple intelligent agent for a call center, written in java (final project at itba.edu.ar)
  • sunishsheth2009/chatterbot uses python, flask, natural language processing, sqlalchemy, nltk and beautiful soup for web scrapping.
  • gsingers/rtfmbot because we’re all tired of answering questions when people should clearly rtfm.
  • arnauddelaunay/botvalue-public botvalue is a python chatbot to translate natural language requests into db query. this version has an anonymized dat…
  • bowenwaregames/mrwhale mr. whale is a fun chatterbot built for the game jolt chat system. currently supports over 37 commands.
  • beldar/webapp just a test i did for a whatsapp-like chatterbot mobile web app, thought for a volkswagen polo campaign
  • jire/chatterbot use cleverbot, jabberwacky, and pandorabots in your java applications
  • pureexe/irin-lang irin-lang is dialect for creating natural language software agents. like aiml
  • parmentf/pyector ector is a learning chatterbot. pyector is its python version.
  • sintelligentdesign/emma electronic model of mapped associations: a natural language processing and generating chatterbot based on a semantic …
  • felixc/hector a literate haskell implementation of the eliza chatterbot system.
  • surendhar95/chatbot an open source, api centric chat bot platform in django rest framework developed with python chatterbot and nltk pack…
  • scoffey/chatterbot a simple intelligent agent for a call center, written in java (final project at itba.edu.ar)
  • fabioravila/rivescript-csharp a rivescript interpreter for c# .net. rivescript is a scripting language for chatterbots. http://www.rivescript.com
  • salhernandez/webchatapp deployed on heroku. web chat app that used python, flask, socket io, postressql, react, social login, web api’s, auto…
  • tacnoman/tactalk gem to create a chatterbot with simple scripts. can run in console, web or desktop applications.
  • catsoft-studios/lilian lilian is a chatterbot (or a chatterbot algorithm) written in java which focuses on fast response, given a training c…
  • loodoor/c.a.t. un chatterbot issu de la collaboration de plusieurs projets …
  • andwi/eliza an implementation of the eliza chatterbot in ruby
  • dremok/batterchots a functional chatterbot written in haskell, called beth. (referencing at the same time to the classic chatterbot eliz…
  • xesyto/relaychains a simple text markov chain implementation with configurable window size mostly useful for chatterbots.
  • totalgood/willchatterr a `will` `chatterbot` and `errbot` mashup to produce a friendly, machine-learning and regex-teachable chatbot that wo…
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