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[100x Nov 2017]

  • afiniate/seresye seresye means swarm oriented erlang expert system engine. it is a library to write expert systems and rule processing…
  • typedlambda/eresye this is a clone of the sourceforge project repository of the same name. eresye means erlang expert system engine. it …
  • jhpyle/docassemble a free, open-source expert system for guided interviews and document assembly, based on python, yaml, and markdown.
  • atrniv/node-clips nodejs package for using clips, a tool for building expert systems.
  • linkyndy/expert-systems a basic expert system, written in prolog, that suggests what programming language one should learn first.
  • rorchard/fuzzyj java library for fuzzy logic and reasoning using java and/or the jess expert system shell
  • pdtaylor/pcdoctorexpert a web-based expert system developed using php and clips, for diagnosing common pc problems.
  • jaideepkekre/medibot an chatbot based expert system to assist doctors improve screening of patients and diagnosis .
  • benchflow/benchflow an open-source expert system for automated end-to-end objective-driven performance testing and performance insights.
  • ipmitmo/exyjo ? expert system, providing recommendations for the publication of scientific articles in journals indexed in scopus
  • xia2/xia2 an expert system for automated reduction of x-ray diffraction data from macromolecular crystals
  • arranger1044/icse-1415 course material for knowledge engineering and expert systems (ingegneria della conoscenza e sistemi esperti) a.a. 201…
  • ubarkai/rulu python interface for building rule-based expert systems over pyclips
  • icse-turtle/turtle clips-inspired expert system shell leveraging rete pattern matching algorithm in python
  • dideler/course-advisor an expert system for advising computer science students (at brock) which courses to enroll in.
  • pan-webis-de/sidorov14 reimplementation of the authorship attribution approach described in “grigori sidorov, francisco velasquez, efstathio…
  • ahmedattyah/expertsystem an expert system called ” atrophy diagnosis system” i did when i was a student, i also made it in python & pyqt, just…
  • arqumahmad/expert-system an expert system to get knowledge about any country. it will provide you with suggestions to live, work or travel in …
  • incanus3/exil expert system in lisp – somewhat clips-compatible common lisp expert system building tool
  • rmoswela/prolog_expert-system playing around with prolog to determine if it can handle prepositional calculus, to use as a base for the design of the
  • rururu/rete4flights air traffic control system – a test example for the rete4frames expert system shell
  • gokul989/ai a* heuristic alogorithm,clips expert system and bayes network
  • dritanium/tasker an expert system library and toolset for defining tasks locally
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