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[100x Nov 2017]

  • lkuza2/java-speech-api the j.a.r.v.i.s. speech api is designed to be simple and efficient, using the speech engines created by google to
  • ajminich/jarvis a very simple ai-based personal assistant written in python.
  • kalliope-project/kalliope kalliope is a modular always-on voice controlled personal assistant designed for home automation.
  • cranklin/jarvis utilizing google’s text-to-speech engine, google’s speech-to-text engine, and wolfram alpha’s knowledge base to creat…
  • carlosgprado/jarvis “just another reversing suite” or whatever other bullshit you can think of
  • makespacemadrid/jarvis proyecto de domotizaciã³n de makespace madrid http://wiki.makespacemadrid.org/index.php?title=jarvis
  • sebsylvester/reminder-bot a clone of the ‘hello jarvis’ facebook messenger bot, built with microsoft bot framework and wit.ai.
  • hackbit/nko2017-blackops jarvis is a hackbit hackathon app to demo node.js with ibm watson for natural language understanding.
  • anqxyr/jarvis irc bot for the scp-wiki related channels. powered by pyscp and sopel.
  • cherche/fuchsia an attempt at creating an intelligent virtual personal assistant for the web based on jared cubilla’s jarvis.
  • p-space/jarvis named after edwin jarvis, this project acts as our personal butler, and is responsible for opening the door for us.
  • jak103/jarvis jarvis is an automated grader that provides instant feedback for students
  • junjchen/jarvis machine learning group course work, satellite image object classification
  • ravenjohn/.jarvis.js a simple javascript library for text-to-speech and speech recognition using www.voicerss.org’s api. inspired from
  • alseambusher/jarvis control your computer using hand motion and automata based gesture recognition to improve human-computer interaction.
  • rubentd/jarvis personal home assistant, listens to voice commands and telegram messages, to perform actions like playing music or tu…
  • masphei/convexhull convex hull algorithms which are graham’s scan and jarvis’s march implemented in c#
  • janbro/j.a.r.v.i.s jarvis uses the google voice api to respond to text messages emulating a human being. he can also remember things pre…
  • mhoc/jarvis a better slackbot. i’d blame mark for stealing my name, but i stole it from tony so…
  • wdgdc/jarvis jarvis is your administration assistant, putting wordpress at your fingertips via a launchbar interface.
  • abishekk92/jarvis a virtual assistant that works on the web. showing off webspeech api and a bit of nlp/ml.
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