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ACOPOST (A COllection of POS Taggers)

part-of-speech-tagging [100x Jul 2014]

  • sloria/TextBlob .. Simple, Pythonic, text processing–Sentiment analysis, part-of-speech tagging, noun phrase extraction, translation, and more.
  • proycon/ucto .. Unicode tokeniser. Ucto tokenizes text files: it separates words from punctuation, and splits sentences. It offers several other basic preprocessing steps such as changing case that you can all use to make your text suited for further processing such as indexing, part-of-speech tagging, or machine…
  • SouhirG/SAPA .. Segmentor and Part-of-speech tagger for Arabic
  • upbit/HiddenMarkovModel .. Python implementation of Hidden Markov Model, with demo of Chinese Part-of-Speech tagging
  • biplab-iitb/practNLPTools .. Practical Natural Language Processing Tools for Humans. Dependency Parsing, Syntactic Constituent Parsing, Semantic Role Labeling, Named Entity Recognisation, Shallow chunking, Part of Speech Tagging, all in Python.
  • wangkui0508/cherry_linguistics .. plural form of nouns. comparative form and superlative forms. Verb tense. Part-of-speech tags for words and phrases.
  • lagodiuk/pos-tagger .. Simple part-of-speech tagger, written from scratch (for educational purpose).
  • yohasebe/engtagger .. English Part-of-Speech Tagger Library; a Ruby port of Lingua::EN::Tagger
  • snownettle/nlp_assignments .. Task 1: Language modeling .Calculate the perplexity of the corpusSplit in training (90%) and test (10%) setsRandomly and per documentBuild a language model using the training set (Maximum Likelihood, bigram). Task 2: Part-of-speech tagging (Session 4) Calculate precision for the corpus Split in…
  • saffsd/geniatagger .. – part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, and named entity recognition for biomedical text –
  • singingfish/jspos .. Fork of the google code project jspos – English part of speech tagger in javascript.
  • JULIELab/jules-opennlp-postag-ae .. UIMA wrapper for the OpenNLP Part of Speech-Tagger. Uses the JULES type system and is thus compatible to other JULES components.
  • johan1a/NLP .. Natural language processing. Part of speech-tagging with the Viterbi Algorithm.
  • wfeely/farsiNLPTools .. Open-source dependency parser, part-of-speech tagger, and text normalizer for Farsi (Persian)
  • andrely/tag-annotator .. tag annotation/correction tool for part of speech tagged and/or lemmatized text
  • ryhan/answer.js .. Better in-page search using natural queries, implemented client-side with a Porter-stemmer, part of speech tagger and naive tokenizer. Reads current/specified page content and identifies passages that contain answers to user queries.
  • jacopofar/wikidump-tools .. en.wiktionary Part of Speech extractor for Italian, Wikipedia XML dump to plain text converter and tagger
  • davidxc/wordtag .. GUI part of speech tagger written with wxPython and NLTK
  • choskim/tagger .. Tags the part-of-speech for each token in a string
  • ludflu/hanshi .. a text editor that tags the part of speech as you type.
  • esbie/HMM-POS .. A Part of Speech Tagger using a Hidden Markov Model
  • togo-aoki/jsPOS-1.0 .. javaScript Part Of Speech tagger demo with automatic keyword extraction feature facilitated on top of VACUUM.
  • rrezzik/tree-pos-tagger .. A part of speech tagger which uses statistical decision trees. Originally coded for the final project of an introduction to AI class at Carleton University (Comp4106).
  • desilinguist/websocket-tagger .. A WebSocket server that wraps the Stanford Part-of-Speech tagger for easier operation with javascript-based web apps
  • taf2/rb-brill-tagger .. Ruby Tagger tools including a Rule-Based Part of Speech Tagger based on Eric Brill’s Work with the BROWN corpus
  • heisters/tagger .. a Ruby Part of Speech Tagger patterned on the work of Eric Brill
  • joeroot/parts .. Parts is a simple to use probabilistic part of speech (POS) tagger.
  • stnguyen/vnTagger .. A Part-Of-Speech tagger for Vietnamese texts with high accuracy
  • vikasnkumar/nlp-service .. NLP::Service – a RESTful service written in Perl using Stanford’s NLP Java Parser for Part of Speech tagging.
  • richmarr/gertrude .. A simple natural language processing tool in Javascript that does part-of-speech and entity tagging. Implemented as a JQuery plugin for now.
  • adsva/go-tagger .. Part of speech tagger based on Brant’s TnT-tagger implemented in Go.
  • myatbaz/upos .. Unsupervised part of speech tagging with S-Code
  • jbothma/morph-mapper .. Java class mapping between SUC and PAROLE part of speech and morphology tags
  • mnikolovski/NFastTag .. NFastTag is a .NET port of Mark Watson’s FastTag Part of Speech Tagger which was itself based on Eric Brill’s trained rule set and English lexicon.
  • andrely/OBT-Stat .. Statistical disambiguator for the Oslo-Bergen Part of Speech tagger
  • wpm/Naive-Tagger .. A simple part-of-speech tagger that uses the GATE framework
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