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[285x Feb 2021]

  • jalizadeh/chatbot-dialog-dataset
    dialogs for training or setting up a chatbot. contribute to jalizadeh/chatbot-dialog-dataset
  • llsourcell/chatbot-ai/blob/master/dataset.lua
    chatbot ai for machine learning for hackers #6. contribute to llsourcell/chatbot-ai
  • botxo/corona_dataset
    corona dataset. this repository contains data that can teach chatbots to understand questions about the covid-19 crisis. the csv files have the following …
  • ldulcic/chatbot
    dataset used for training chatbot can be found here. this dataset was created by collecting publicly available conversations between customer supports and …
  • sudharshanshanmugasundaram/chatbot
    chatbot implementation using cornell movie dialog dataset in pytorch.the bot can converse with the user and can answer the questions asked though it …
  • adityamisra/chatbot-dataset
    contribute to adityamisra/chatbot-dataset
  • polyai-ldn/conversational-datasets
    contribute to polyai-ldn/conversational-datasets development by creating an … architecture for multi-turn response selection in retrieval-based chatbots, wu …
  • tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset
    udemy course- general purpose chatbot from cornell movie dataset using seq2seq model – tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset.
  • llsourcell/chatbot_tutorial
    this is the code for “chatbot tutorial” by siraj raval on youtube … for the other datasets, look at the readme files into their respective folders (inside data/ ).
  • srbhklkrn/depression-therapist-chatbot
    depression therapist: chatbot approach. the dataset being used is obtained from kaggle. the dataset being obtained is a set of tweets, classified into positive …
  • gfierro86/chatbot/blob/master/dataset.txt
    dismiss. join github today. github is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software …
  • elacsoft/chatbot
    chat bot with trained papaya data set in data/results. – elacsoft/chatbot.
  • yomnaomar/deep-nlp-challenge
    working with kaggle’s deep nlp chatbot dataset. contribute to yomnaomar/deep-nlp-challenge
  • topics/rasa-dataset
    how to build a great chatbot by integrating bitext variant generation and rasa nlu. … add a description, image, and links to the rasa-dataset topic page so that …
  • bshao001/chatlearner
    it is required if you utilize the new dataset api (tf.data.textlinedataset) in tensorflow to load training data from text files. the repository also contains a chatbot …
  • hassanrehman01398/chat-bot-in-python
    general knowledge chatbot build on dataset from kaggle by using chatterbot library – hassanrehman01398/chat-bot-in-python.
  • alexa/topical-chat
    a dataset containing human-human knowledge-grounded open-domain conversations. – alexa/topical-chat.
  • rodrigopivi/chatito
    generate datasets for ai chatbots, nlp tasks, named entity recognition or text classification models using a simple dsl! – rodrigopivi/chatito.
  • hltchkust/xpersona
    xpersona: evaluating multilingual personalized chatbot. [pdf]. this code has been written using pytorch. if you use source codes or datasets included in this …
  • jjesusfilho/chatbot-1
    victor- a generative chatbot based on sequential neural network and deep learning which can be trained on any desired dataset for specific purposes.
  • vishalrohra/samantha
    romantic conversational chatbot using python and chatterbot … chatterbot comes with a data utility module that can be used to train chat bots. at the moment …
  • oniani/covid-19-chatbot
    it is not a diagnostic tool, nor is it a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific conditions. table of contents. paper; dataset; model; chatbot; transfer …
  • nambiarsidharth/chatbot
    a deep nlp chatbot trained on cornell movie dataset – nambiarsidharth/chatbot.
  • prernasrivastava/dc-chat-bot
    dc-chat-bot. multi domain chat bot handling context and response independently. data set: we used the reddit dataset with domain tagged. we used post …
  • bme-chatbots/dialogue-generation
    customization. to train any model on your own dataset you simply have to subclass from dialogdataset and implement data generation from the raw files. given a …
  • janinanu/retrieval-based_chatbot
    chatbot | retrieval-based dialog system on the ubuntu dialog corpus | lstm | … sophisticated dialogue systems is due to the lack of sufficiently large datasets.
  • dwikiwitman/chatbot-bahasa-indonesia
    chatbot-bahasa-indonesia. dataset: movie subtitle “opensubtitle2018” bahasa indonesia,; arsitektur: seq2seq (rnn-rnn),; optimasi arsitektur: lstm-lstm, …
  • amolikvivian/ai-nlp-chatbot
    an nlp based chatbot trained over a simple fully connected neural network using tensorflow. custom dataset. – amolikvivian/ai-nlp-chatbot.
  • ali-ce/datasets/blob/master/artificial-intelligence/chatterbotsdb.csv
    [itunes app] chatbot is a chat bot! you enter a question, and she’ll reply. simple. this app uses mindskate’s “natural response” technology to elicit interesting …
  • bigmb/chatbot
    chatbot using recuurent neural networks and cornell corpus dataset (tensorflow) – bigmb/chatbot.
  • keshavvinayak01/dramatic-chatbot
    contains two instances of chatbots trained on the opensubs movie subtitiles data. the datasets used by both of the notebooks is common, however the …
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot/find/master
    50 results — a sequence2sequence chatbot implementation with tensorflow. … seq2seq-chatbot/datasets/cornell_movie_dialog/movie_lines.txt …
  • amfammlteam/chatbot_intent_classification_dataset
    amfam chatbot intent dataset(acid) contains 174 unique intents related to topics driven by customers contacting an insurance company. each intent represents …
  • fendouai/awesome-chatbot/blob/master/readme.md
    awesome chatbot projects. chatbot. parlai. a framework for training and evaluating ai models on a variety of openly available dialog datasets.
  • opendatasoft/semantic-bot
    a semi-automatic tool to generate rdf mappings for opendatasoft’s datasets … python chatbot/automatic.py -d data -d roman-emperors@public -o …
  • stefannatu/pytorch-chatbot
    chatbot implementation on cornell movie dataset using pytorch. – stefannatu/pytorch-chatbot.
  • microsoft/botbuilder-personalitychat
    small talk/chit-chat helps to make chatbots more conversational and personable. … directions for using personality chat datasets– personality chat dataset …
  • hectorpulido/chatbot-seq2seq-c-/blob/master/seq2seqlearn-master/chatbot/dataset/robot_text.txt
    contribute to hectorpulido/chatbot-seq2seq-c- development by creating an … chatbot-seq2seq-c-/seq2seqlearn-master/chatbot/dataset/robot_text.txt.
  • simgus/chatette
    chatette is a python program that generates training datasets for rasa nlu given template files. if you want to make large datasets of example data for natural …
  • manumathewthomas/chat-with-joey
    the chatbot is designed to mimic the personality of joey, a character from the tv-show “f.r.i.e.n.d.s” (more about this under dataset). demo video link · image …
  • kumar-shridhar/know-your-intent
    state of the art results in intent classification using sematic hashing for three datasets: askubuntu, chatbot and webapplication.
  • swarma/chatbot-dataset/blob/master/readme.md
  • swisscom/churn-intent-de
    we provide novel datasets for twitter churn detection in german, as well as labeled chatbot conversation for both german and english. german churn intent …
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot/blob/master/seq2seq-chatbot/datasets/csv/csv_data.csv
    seq2seq-chatbot/seq2seq-chatbot/datasets/csv/csv_data.csv. go to file · go to file t; go to line l; copy path. cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 3 lines (3 …
  • ymcidence/chatbot/blob/master/readme.md
    for now, the model is not able to handle multi-turn conversations, and not all listed datasets support multi-turn conversational training. 2 what to do next in terms …
  • u-t-k-a-r-s-h/chatbot-deployed-on-heroku
    this is a chatbot app that is trained on the chatbot dataset. the link to the app is-> https://my-personal-chatbot.herokuapp.com/ …
  • neuromancer/lisa
    the cornell dataset is already included. for the other datasets, look at the readme files into their respective folders (inside data/ ). the web interface requires …
  • andrewt3000/carl_voice
    this training data and advanced machine learning techniques train a chatbot capable of counseling … data set can be obtained through external partnership.
  • esri/sonar
    amazon echo. help help {dataset}; hello hello sonar. hal open the pod bay doors hal. ping ping {dataset}; getpopulation give me the population of {location} …
  • not4win/aichatbot
    using reddit comments as dataset, creating a chatbot – not4win/aichatbot.
  • abdelrahmanradwan/open-domain-chatbot
    the cornell dataset is already included. for the other datasets, look at the readme files into their respective folders (inside data/ ). the web interface requires some …
  • pender/chatbot-rnn
    a toy chatbot powered by deep learning and trained on data from reddit … to mess around with the parsing script itself, to come up with an interesting data set.
  • jobpal/nex-cv
    our experiences draw upon building recruitment chatbots that mediate communication between job-seekers and recruiters by exposing the ml/nlp dataset to …
  • pashu123/q-a-chatbot
    q-a-chatbot · we will use the babi dataset released by facebook research. · we will be using the end to end memory networks.
  • mohit-iit16/chatbot-using-seq2seq
    nltk (for data preprocessing); tensorflow (version 1.1.0 will throw an error which they are going to fix in next release. use version 1.0.0 instead.) other datasets that …
  • krsatyam1996/chatbot
    chatbot on toy dataset using lstm – keras. contribute to krsatyam1996/chatbot
  • kunci115/sipintar
    usage. if you want to train with your own datasets, checkout pengetahuan.json file after that you have to run bot.py to train your …
  • bzylich/persona-chatbot
    uses a similar approach to the lstm model without personas. the goal is to be able to generate personas for datasets other than persona-chat, so that they can …
  • llsourcell/chatbot-ai
    basic usage. here’s a sample conversation after training for 20 epoch with 50000 examples, using the following command: th train.lua –cuda —dataset …
  • ricsinaruto/seq2seqchatbots
    a wrapper around tensor2tensor to flexibly train, interact, and generate data for neural chatbots. … 4 different dialog datasets integrated with tensor2tensor
  • sapconversationalai/docs/blob/master/concepts/start_builder/create_bot.md
    a chatbot is composed of two main elements: skills and a training dataset. a skill is a block of conversation that has a clear purpose and that your bot can …
  • vaibhavmakhloga/chat-bot-using-end-to-end-network
    in this project i’ve worked with the babi data set from facebook research to create a chatbot using state of the art end to end neural network which takes a story …
  • mgupta325/chatbot_using_reformer
    reformer- it helps to get efficient memory and computation for long sequence tasks such as ai storyelling & chatbots. large datasets such as an entire book are …
  • fendouai/awesome-chatbot
    awesome chatbot projects. chatbot. parlai. a framework for training and evaluating ai models on a variety of openly available dialog datasets.
  • siyinz/info-retrieval-chatbot
    in part 1, i created a ground truth dataset of conversations ranked for relevance. in part 2, i used this dataset to build and evaluate the chatbot. this project could …
  • suriyadeepan/practical_seq2seq/blob/master/03-twitter-chatbot.py
    a simple, minimal wrapper for tensorflow’s seq2seq module, for experimenting with datasets rapidly – suriyadeepan/practical_seq2seq.
  • leadingindiaai/chatbot-using-recurrent-neural-networks
    since the discovery of artificial intelligence, creating a good chatbot is one of the … dataset which gave us satisfactory results for an open domain chatbot or …
  • ligerfotis/transf_chatbot_metalwoz
    chatbot based on multihead attention on metal woz dataset using transfer learning – ligerfotis/transf_chatbot_metalwoz.
  • rrivera1849/chatbots
    in this work, we explore retrieval-based models on the ubuntu dialog corpus and sequence to sequence models on a publicly available dataset. finally, we …
  • tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset/blob/master/movie_conversations.txt
    udemy course- general purpose chatbot from cornell movie dataset using seq2seq model – tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset.
  • ritiksharma373/music_genre_classification_chatbot
    datasets · gtzan genre collection · chatbot dataset.
  • ibm/elasticsearch-chatbot
    contribute to ibm/elasticsearch-chatbot … use one of the provided data sets in /data by running curl https://api.
  • bryanlimy/tf2-transformer-chatbot
    8 dec 2020: updated support to tensorflow 2.3.1 and tensorflow datasets 4.1.0; 18 jan 2020: added notebook with google colab tpu support in tensorflow …
  • userbotai/chatbot-corpora
    chatbot corpora. datasets used for chatbots benchmarking. each dataset includes a train file (used for training) and a validation file (used for testing). here are …
  • tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset/packages
    udemy course- general purpose chatbot from cornell movie dataset using seq2seq model – tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset.
  • thakurtanya/kontikilabsdevelopers/blob/master/doc/source/index.rst
    building chatbot/ai assistant with alter nlu … it is conceptualized by developers, for developers, enabling them to build high-quality dataset for chatbots of any …
  • daniel-vdm/easy-seq2seq-chatbot
    indented usage: one could use this as a learning tool to demonstrate how different data sets and model parameters affect a chatbot’s fidelity. script summary: …
  • tejvi-m/chatbot-mil
    we have trained our model on three different datasets (squad , cornell movie dialogue corpus and a trump tweets dataset) to bring about generalisation.
  • topics/chatbots
    generate datasets for ai chatbots, nlp tasks, named entity recognition or text classification models using a simple dsl! nlp text-classification chatbot nlu dataset …
  • vincent9514/text-variant-generation
    neural sentential paraphrase generation to augment chatbot training dataset – vincent9514/text-variant-generation.
  • usmanniazi/chatbot-with-pytorch
    25 oct 2020 — read this if you are using google collab with drive: you need to do little tweaks if you want to access files or datasets that are stored in your drive.
  • emanelrefai/islamic-chatbot
    the chatbot will be trained on the dataset which contains categories (intents), pattern and responses and use a special recurrent neural network (lstm) to classify …
  • abonia1/seq2seq-chatbot
    dataset. running. to chat with the trained model from web chat: first install the required …
  • saifalmaliki/simple-chatbot
    17 oct 2020 — the chatbot will be trained on the dataset which contains categories (intents), pattern and responses. we use a special recurrent neural network ( …
  • ashutosh-choudhary/conversational_agent_personified
    a f.r.i.e.n.d.s. persona based chatbot which is pre-learnt on imsdb dataset and trained on http://www.livesinabox.com/friends/ …
  • ibm/elasticsearch-chatbot/blob/master/data/small-dataset.json
    contribute to ibm/elasticsearch-chatbot
  • llsourcell/chatbot-ai/blob/master/train.lua
    contribute to llsourcell/chatbot-ai … cmd:option(‘–dataset‘, 0, ‘approximate size of dataset to use (0 = all)’).
  • codingbloc?language=python
    college-information-chatbot-system – a chat-bot made using aiml (artificial intelligence markup … mlxtend ths library used to impor different datasets. python 1 …
  • redfox1899/chatbot
    it uses the dataset of cornell movie corpus data for training as well as testing where conversations are given in question and answer format. this dataset can be …
  • tzano/fountain
    … domain specific chatbot training datasets for machine learning algorithms. … the tool intends to make it easy to build the same dataset for different intent …
  • saradindusengupta/chatbot_for_wiki-knowledge
    implementation of conversational chatbot for dbpedia data and reddit data set … chatbot with data imported from dbpedia’s wikipedia dataset and reddit data …
  • guraybaydur/real-estate-house-price-predictor
    the aim of this project is to demonstrate data science outcomes inside a chatbot. we analyze a real estate property dataset and construct a model. then we …
  • aditya715/chatbot
    this is a ai based chatbot made using bi-textual dataset. – aditya715/chatbot.
  • tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset/projects
    udemy course- general purpose chatbot from cornell movie dataset using seq2seq model – tapos12/chatbot-seq2seq-movie-dataset.
  • rvbens/chatbot-en-espanol
    chatbot en español. introduction. conversational agent in spanish done with deep learning and a dataset of movies subtitles. if you want to walk directly to the …
  • priya997/skf-chatbot
    this is a security knowledge framework chatbot which will answer your queries … for responding with the correct answer you need to have the proper dataset.
  • moiraberens/chatbot
    contribute to moiraberens/chatbot development by creating an account on … data set. we used the opensubtitles2016 english dataset which can be found here …
  • fy-/lyabot
    a python chatbot with tensorflow using reddit comments. … concerning reddit you can download the datasets at http://files.pushshift.io/reddit/comments/ (please …
  • subham1399/chatbot-by-using-chatbotter-package-of-python
    it’s a chatbot that will give you answers based on the data its trained . actually i have used chatbot corpus “english” data sets to train my code …
  • davidschott/chatbot
    chatbox that allows communication with chatbots speaking different dialects and … reddit dataset raw file: https://www.reddit.com/r/datasets/comments/3bxlg7/ …
  • data-metrics/neural-chatbot
    python 3; nltk; tensorflow; flask. description: datasets folder: contains 2 conversation datasets: “twitter” and “cornell-movie …
  • kaushikjadhav01/movie-recommendation-chatbot
    the model was trained with kaggle’s movies metadata dataset. to give a recommendation of similar movies, cosine similarity and tfid vectorizer were used.
  • hackobi/ai-based-chatbot
    … chatbot in tensorflow that will be able to hold a conversation once done. the dataset used to train this version of the bot is the cornell movie dialogue dataset …
  • djkunj2010/implementation-of-chat-bot-a-udemy-course
    so we have implemented a chat bot, which has used cornell dataset for movie reviews and created a chat bot. the chat bot implementation is basic procedure …
  • ambikaa-jaggi/review_dataset_analysis
    using a product review dataset to 1. create a chatbot that conducts analysis on command, 2. create predictive models to construct a consumer chatbot to …
  • jasonforjoy/leaderboards-for-multi-turn-response-selection
    leaderboards, datasets and papers for multi-turn response selection in retrieval-based chatbots …
  • llsourcell/chatbot_tutorial/blob/master/chatbot/chatbot.py
    datasetargs.add_argument(‘–corpus’, choices=textdata.corpuschoices(), default=textdata.corpuschoices()[0], help=’corpus on which extract the dataset.’).
  • willtscott/inquire-boulder-chatbot
    the goal is to provide a working, better-than-baseline chatbot that is publicly accessible and can be flexibly scaled up and/or iterated with different datasets.
  • benaandrew/titanic-ml-chatbot
    machine learning project on titanic dataset classification with a chatbot interface – benaandrew/titanic-ml-chatbot.
  • obs01ete/chatbot
    algorithm. a pretrained emoji prediction neural network is used for inference. the net is trained on twitter’s dataset. the following implementation is used. https:// …
  • gingin3203/python_chatbot
    a silly chat-bot that uses data from notsocleverbot.com – gingin3203/python_chatbot.
  • ssxy00/cvae-chatbot
    personachat dataset also provides other datasets, such as train_self_revised_no_cands.txt of which persona is revised. if you want to use these datasets, you …
  • conchylicultor/deepqa
    … model”, a deep learning based chatbot – conchylicultor/deepqa. … for the other datasets, look at the readme files into their respective folders (inside data/ ).
  • deepmipt/deeppavlov
    … open source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots. … to train on your own data you need to modify dataset reader path in the train …
  • skgcode/chatbot-team-a
    real estate chatbot. contribute to skgcode/chatbot-team-a
  • harshitsinghai77/intent-categorization
    the dataset is from a chatbot corpus. there are about 238 sentences, each with an entity label. given a new sentence – you have to classify it as findconnection …
  • jasonforjoy/dim
    dually interactive matching network for personalized response selection in retrieval-based chatbots. this repository contains the source code and dataset for …
  • tknight01/stockchatbot
    create nlu dataset and entity dataset. the first thing to use this framework is to define user’s messages that this chatbot can understand. you need to define …
  • gowriaddepalli/demochatbot
    building a nlu chatbot and a virtual assistant. … language into structured data and build models using the atis dataset, which contains thousands of sentences …
  • huggingface/personas
    datasets for deep learning personas. … tensorflow implementation of “a neural conversational model” (a.k.a. the google paper), a deep learning based chatbot.
  • inbrainz/cerebro
    open source knowledge data set (a.k.a. brain) for chatbots – inbrainz/cerebro.
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot
    this directory should have the models and datasets directories directly within it. to train a new model, run train.py with the dataset path: run train.py –datasetdir= …
  • topics/corpus
    awesome chatbot projects,corpus,papers,tutorials.chinese chatbot … datasets for training chatbot system. system chatbot …
  • dennybritz/chatbot-retrieval/issues/37
    2 feb 2017 — dennybritz / chatbot-retrieval · how to prepare training dataset structure #37 · how to prepare training dataset structure #37.
  • shahrukhsf/chatbot
    awesome chatbot projects. chatbot. parlai. a framework for training and evaluating ai models on a variety of openly available dialog datasets.
  • dennybritz/chatbot-retrieval/blob/master/scripts/prepare_data.py
    contribute to dennybritz/chatbot-retrieval … creates a training example for the ubuntu dialog corpus dataset.
  • fuchason/chatbot
    awesome chatbot projects. chatbot. parlai. a framework for training and evaluating ai models on a variety of openly available dialog datasets.
  • suriyadeepan/practical_seq2seq
    a simple, minimal wrapper for tensorflow’s seq2seq module, for experimenting with datasets rapidly – suriyadeepan/practical_seq2seq.
  • ibm/education-selfservice-ai-chatbot
    data sets are then enriched with nlu-detected entities, keywords, and concepts (for example, course names). although discovery provides great results, …
  • gfierro86/chatbot/blob/master/create_dataset.py
    contribute to gfierro86/chatbot … with open(“dataset.txt”,’w’,encoding=src_encoding) as f:.
  • llsourcell/chatbot_tutorial/blob/master/readme.md
    this is the code for this video on youtube by siraj raval on chatbots for marketing. … for the other datasets, look at the readme files into their respective folders …
  • boredomed/restaruntbot
    the dataset used in this bot is a restaurant dataset obtained from kaggle. it has allready been added in the repository. functionalities added: user can make any …
  • sathvikg/chatbot-using-neural-network
    a basic chatbot using sequential neural network from keras using a json dataset. – sathvikg/chatbot-using-neural-network.
  • gautam-j/chatbot
    chatbot with transformer architecture using cornell movie dataset. to use the trained model, download the model weights from releases page. move the …
  • markwunlp/multiturnresponseselection
    data set. we release douban conversation corpus, comprising a training data set, a development set and a test set for retrieval based chatbot. the statistics of …
  • cswizard/chatbot
    chatbot – pathway · references · datasets · setup · models – nmt · dataset preparation and training · results · about · releases.
  • peixuanx/chatbot
    the cornell dataset is already included. for the other datasets, look at the readme files into their respective folders (inside data/ ). the web interface requires …
  • sainisatish/aashay-the-bot
    chatbot which can train using dataset and when we ask the question it gives the result. – sainisatish/aashay-the-bot.
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot/blob/master/readme.md
    to train a new model, run train.py with the dataset path: run train.py –datasetdir=datasets\dataset_name. or to resume training an …
  • dbhasin1/chatbot-
    chatbot-. answers medical queries limited to conditions provided in the dataset. made using keras and nltk. for the gui, python library tkinter was used …
  • partoftheorigin/mahabharatha_chatbot_rnn_seq2seq
    chatbot trained using seq2seq model on mahabharatha subtitles – partoftheorigin/mahabharatha_chatbot_rnn_seq2seq. … dataset preparation. the data has …
  • thomaslivs/cs370-chatbot
    cs370 assignment. chatbot using tensorflow and reddit data set – thomaslivs/cs370-chatbot.
  • shubham7120k/personalized-chatbot
    a chat bot capable of responding similar to a user when provided with a data set containing conversation of user with some other persons.
  • tensorflow/tensorflow/issues/14142
    31 oct 2017 — i’m working on an ai-chatbot for arabic language. … arabic chatbot is for customer service i built a data set with questions that the users could …
  • arkarn/seq2seq-chatbot
    seq2seq chatbot trained on cornell movie dataset with flask webapp hosted on cloud-foundry – arkarn/seq2seq-chatbot.
  • surendhar95/chatbot
    when a chat bot trainer is provided with a data set, it creates the necessary entries in the chat bot’s knowledge graph so that the statement inputs and responses …
  • pandorabots/rosie
    rosie (chatbot base). rosie is a collection of aiml and aiml 2.0 files that form a solid base for any chatbot project. rosie is a fork of the alice 2.0 project that …
  • ricsinaruto/gutenberg-dialog
    code for downloading and building your own version of the gutenberg dialog dataset. easily extendable with new languages. try trained chatbots in various …
  • knowledgemavens/chatbot
    contribute to knowledgemavens/chatbot development by creating an account on … download dataset https://www.reddit.com/r/datasets/comments/3bxlg7/ …
  • racheljose21/chatbot
    this repo provides an implementation of sqlnet and seq2sql neural networks for predicting sql queries on wikisql dataset. the paper is available at here.
  • ruchit687/chatbot-tutorial-pytorch
    … models work, it is a conversational bot. the data set is a famous movie dialogs which is cornell-movie-dialog-corpus. – ruchit687/chatbot-tutorial-pytorch.
  • prashantg445/chatbot-using-keras-and-flask/blob/master/readme.md
    trained with cornell dataset on character level. code: code for the chatbot is divided in 2 parts: machine learning part (using keras); web deployment part …
  • dennybritz/chatbot-retrieval
    contribute to dennybritz/chatbot-retrieval development by creating an account on … a large dataset for research in unstructured multi-turn dialogue systems.
  • aitrek/intent_classifier
    the intent dataset can be in any storage, like mysql database or local csv file. two functions to load dataset from mysql and csv file have been implemented in …
  • dhrumildalwadi/chatbot_for_course_selection
    a chatbot which can answer all the basic questions regarding the courses for engineering (b.tech). the dataset can easily edited to create your own dataset.
  • harshant/chatbot-sample
    chatbot-sample. simple chatbot implementation using seq-to-seq. to train the model use the dataset available at my aws server …
  • bansal6498/chatbot
    build a chatbot using rnn (sequence 2 sequence) model. used movie dialogues as the data set for the same. – bansal6498/chatbot.
  • topics/cornell-corpus-dataset
    chatbot implementation using cornell movie dialog dataset in pytorch.the bot can converse with the user and can answer the questions asked though it …
  • brand-temp/chatbot
    a chatbot built for my nlp class at uni which merited me an hd. trained on microsoft’s botbuilder-personalitychat datasets …
  • topics/intent-classification
    … source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots. … sematic hashing for three datasets: askubuntu, chatbot and webapplication.
  • mayli10/deep-learning-chatbot/blob/master/readme.md
    foreword; introduction; prerequisites: methods and tools; setup; datasets; deep … rigorous tutorial such as building the chatbot with the entire reddit dataset of …
  • iamvishnuks/neural-bot
    a neural network inspired architecture for chatbots using nlp. 0 stars 0 forks · star … neural-bot is a simple nlp based chatbot. … structure of our dataset.
  • jahintaqi-chisty/eme-offline-chatbot-using-yml
    eme a offline chatbot . this is under construction because of less dataset. – jahintaqi-chisty/eme-offline-chatbot-using-yml.
  • viritaromero/chatbot-created-with-pytorch-and-sequence-to-sequence-model
    ai chatbot created with pytorch and a sequence-to-sequence-model. used two rnn and trained the model with the cornell dataset.
  • newpro/aloha-chatbot
    this repo, combined with our proposed dataset, can potentially mimic any dialog style of the 45k characters we provided. besides, it gives you easy integration …
  • giselepereiira/movie-chatbot
    folder kaggledatabase: the kaggle dataset contains 50,000 movie reviews along with their associated binary sentiment polarity labels. a negative review has a …
  • devjwsong/gpt2-chatbot-pytorch
    this is a multi-turn chatbot project using the pre-trained gpt-2 introduced in … by default, i propose the codes for downloading the datasets and preprocessing.
  • samiulgithubuser/chatbot-using-natural-language-processing
    a simple nlp chat bot using a very short list of datasets. – samiulgithubuser/chatbot-using-natural-language-processing.
  • aravindvasudev/flask-chatbot
    a chat bot microservice that can be trained for different datasets. – aravindvasudev/flask-chatbot.
  • praeclarumjj3/chatbot-with-pytorch
    contribute to praeclarumjj3/chatbot-with-pytorch development by creating an … a chatbot on my own on the cornell movie–dialogs corpus dataset using grus …
  • p768lwy3/tgbot_seq2seq
    since the dataset is mandarin but not cantonese, there should be some trouble. since it is hard to tokenize and vectorize chinese, the result of the bot is quite bad.
  • nurulilmaan/chatbot-svm
    20 feb 2019 — dataset. dataset fetched from informatika unpad and unpad and saved as qa.csv. if you want to changed it, please select your own dataset, …
  • aryanveturekar/health-care-chat-bot
    through chatbots one can communicate with text or voice interface and get reply through artificial intelligence. typically, a chat bot will communicate with a real …
  • jasonforjoy/fire
    filtering before iteratively referring for knowledge-grounded response selection in retrieval-based chatbots · model overview · results · dependencies · datasets.
  • pyconth/rasa-chatbot/blob/master/requirements.txt
    –extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple. absl-py==0.8.0 # via dopamine-rl, rasa, tensorboard, tensorflow, tensorflow-datasets. aiofiles==0.4.0 # via sanic.
  • kayziewest/talk-active-agi-chatbot
    talkactive chatbot talk-active is trained with sample data sets of previous … and also reply with a human like answer – kayziewest/talk-active-agi-chatbot.
  • fuchason/chatbot/blob/master/readme.md
    awesome chatbot projects. chatbot. parlai. a framework for training and evaluating ai models on a variety of openly available dialog datasets.
  • kamyarghajar/distilledneuralresponseranker
    distilling knowledge for fast retrieval-based chat-bots · cd ./datasets/ubuntu_data/ ipython ./ubuntu_preprocess.py · ipython ./main_bert_bi.py — –dataset …
  • pochih/rl-chatbot/issues/28
    3 may 2020 — can you please share pre-trained model of any dataset other than cornell? … pochih / rl-chatbot · watch 23 · star 343 · fork 123.
  • crypto-code/seq2seq-chatbot
    the datasets are already processed and saved as . npy & . pkl files using the data.py script in their respective folders in the data directory. · to start training run the …
  • nidhisalian/deeplearning-chatbot
    the current dataset currently provided in data/intent_classification/ is small, but more data can be added or new training datasets can be used. the preprocessor.
  • 0wave/chatbot-zh-torch7
    use the —dataset number option to control the size of the dataset. training on the full dataset takes about 5h for a single epoch. the model will be saved to …
  • cosimoiaia/tensorflow-chatbot-italian
    tensorflow-chatbot-italian. una semplice implementazione in tensorflow di un chatbot, utilizzando una seq2seq. il training viene fatto su un dataset costruito …
  • riz04/chatbot
    start with analysing the dataset. here, in our data we have certain set of stories followed by a question. and, we tend to create a chatbot which answers these …
  • filipgd1/nlp-chatbot
    brainster chatbot – rubik. content. description; how does it work? project/chat architecture. data and dataset generation; dataset preprocessing …
  • karth2512/emotional-ai
    voice2emotion · aims to extract emotions from raw voice · librosa used for loading and preprocessing datasets · the model is a customized version(derived from …
  • jasonforjoy/u2u-imn
    utterance-to-utterance interactive matching network for multi-turn response selection in retrieval-based chatbots · dependencies · datasets · train a new model.
  • oswaldoludwig/seq2seq-chatbot-for-keras/issues/25
    21 may 2019 — hi, i’m trying to train the chatbot with a large dataset, and my ram it’s getting out of memory. in addition, my dataset is in spanish, so my …
  • khordoo/chatbot-pytorch
    since the dataset also contains some metadata about the genre of the movies, i wrote a custom filtering option to be able to extract the dialogs based on a specific …
  • pedrogaldino/chatbot-br/blob/master/pl.py
    chatbot brasileiro que fala português criado com deep learning usando lstm (encoder/decoder) – pedrogaldino/chatbot-br. … for c in enumerate(dataset):.
  • devashi-choudhary/automated-chatbot-for-college-queries
    dataset · we removed the ”nan” values from the data-set by filling it with an appropriate answer. · we substituted the slang words with the original words else the …
  • emmanuelraj7/chatbot-seq2seq
    to train a new model, run train.py with the dataset path: run train.py –datasetdir=datasets\dataset_name. or to resume training an …
  • ashrit-yarava/conversation-bot
    2 july 2020 — better chatbots using ai. note: the model is currently only trained on the taskmaster dataset. training. the model can be trained using the …
  • gjena/e2cbot
    chatbot using seq2seq model. trained on cornell movie dataset. 199,455 post response pairs. created a dataset of 120 very commonly used dialogs in star …
  • yashdubey95/chatbot
    designed and trained a deep nlp model on a seq2seq architecture to create a chatbot using the tensorflow rnn(lstm) model. the dataset used to train the …
  • mckinziebrandon/deepchatmodels
    i haven’t gotten around to providing scripts for downloading the datasets. … chatbot: the conversation model classes, the structural components of the models …
  • filipealvesdef/dating-chatbot-service
    contribute to filipealvesdef/dating-chatbot-service development by creating an … download the persona chat dataset here and put it on datasets directory.
  • jmagdum7/speech-to-image-chatbot
    … adversarial networks (gans) trained on a large dataset of images consisting of multiple everyday-object categories. – jmagdum7/speech-to-image-chatbot.
  • jinfagang/pytorch_chatbot
    a marvelous chatbot implement using pytorch. … global param here;; datasets : contains data and data_loader, using your own dataset, you should implement …
  • skrcode/cocoa-flights
    16 sept 2018 — disclaimer: the flights related data present in data directory is taken from maluuba frames dataset. all rights related to this data solely belong …
  • yashvip/chatbot
    here i created my own dataset.some common datasets are the ‘cornell movie dialog corpus’ ,’the ubuntu corpus’ , and ‘microsoft’s social media conversation …
  • sanjjayrj/chatbot-nltk
    nltk based chatbot. table of contents. introduction; dataset description; packages used; steps involved; working; demo-screenshot. introduction …
  • pc20/ai-based-chatbot
    ai-based-chatbot(cornell-movie dataset). #note : chatbot1.py is the final python file not chatbot.py. about.
  • lukalabs/replika-research
    replika.ai research papers, posters, slides & datasets – lukalabs/replika-research.
  • srishti-agarwal/personality-chatbot
    contribute to srishti-agarwal/personality-chatbot development by creating an … python main.py –createdataset –corpus lightweight –datasettag
  • waitingzhan/chatbot
    chatbot. this project explored the effect of the dataset and the learning rate and the number of hidden layers of the model on chatbot performance. we trained …
  • topics/babi-dataset
    in this project i’ve worked with the babi data set from facebook research to create a chatbot using state of the art end to end neural network which takes a story …
  • dredwardhyde/seq2seq-chatbot-english
    16 june 2020 — example of sequence-to-sequence lstm chatbot with different two datasets – small and bigger one – dredwardhyde/seq2seq-chatbot-english.
  • zorro30/chatbot_using_nlp
    it uses nlp to select a response from a library of predefined responses(i.e. dataset). run using. -> python3 chatbot.py. ask what you want to ask the bot. you can …
  • redis-developer/redis-datasets
    contribute to redis-developer/redis-datasets … chat bot demo, contains details on chat bot demo datasets.
  • amfammlteam
    amfam chatbot intent dataset for conversational agent in insurance domain. 2 · taskoptembeddings. task optimized word embeddings for text classification …
  • aryanc55/ts3000_thechatbot
    its a social networking chat-bot trained on reddit dataset . it supports open bounded queries developed on the concept of neural machine translation. beware …
  • llsourcell/tensorflow_chatbot/issues/36
    3 may 2017 — hi i have created chatbot on cornell movie dataset and it’s working fine. i have trained chatbot application up to global step 330000. i am also …
  • pritom-sarker/tinu_chatbot_seq2seq_tensorflow
    a sequence2sequence chatbot implementation with tensorflow 1.10 . i just use 10% data of full dataset. you can use full dataset.then you need to read full …
  • jasonforjoy/imn
    … response selection in retrieval-based chatbots – jasonforjoy/imn. … this repository contains the source code and datasets for the cikm 2019 paper …
  • kunalbhashkar/seq2seq_chatbot_tensorflow
    set console working directory to the seq2seq-chatbot directory. this directory should have the models and datasets directories directly within it. run chat.py with …
  • 5amessi/intent-classification-for-chat-bot
    intent classification for chat-bot. intent classification is a text classification task to understand user intent and take an action. dataset is kvert dataset.
  • twanawebtech/bank-chatbot
    banking chatbot data model. contribute to twanawebtech/bank-chatbot
  • nagakiran1/extending-google-bert-as-question-and-answering-model-and-chatbot/issues/3
    nagakiran1 / extending-google-bert-as-question-and-answering-model-and-chatbot · instruction: how to retrained on different dataset #3 · instruction: how to …
  • hamil168/chatbots
    chatbots · build a chatbot on a seq2seq lstm using tensorflow and a publically available data set (current) · explore ways to adapt existing chatbots to …
  • llsourcell/tensorflow_chatbot
    in this demo code, we implement tensorflows sequence to sequence model to train a chatbot on the cornell movie dialogue dataset. after training for a few …
  • adamshamsudeen/chatbot-datasetmaker
    contribute to adamshamsudeen/chatbot-datasetmaker development by … kaggle dataset extracts to a .sqlite file and original code does not work with it.
  • kumar-shridhar/know-your-intent/blob/master/datasets/test-train-split/botfuel/chatbot.csv
    state of the art results in intent classification using sematic hashing for three datasets: askubuntu, chatbot and webapplication.
  • swarma/chatbot-dataset
    5 aug 2017 — chatbot-dataset.
  • shubhampal7/chatbot-for-hotel-booking-based-on-nlp
    project to evaluate how intelligent chatbot’s can be used to access open data sets. first phase was to develop an intelligent chatbot. • used rasa nlu framework …
  • visheshkumar450/healthcare–chat-bot
    this data set is made in python. we have created a chat-bot to help persons and it does the following things: team has decided to use aog(actions on …
  • voxell-tech/simple-lightweight-chatbot
    the chatbot perform well based on the datasets given only. it is not universal like an ai chatbot. this bot can be used as a simple greeting chatbot or a …
  • pvl/rasa_nlu_datasets
    rasa nlu datasets. datasets for chatbot training converted to rasa nlu format. sources: snips nlu benchmark. license: creative commons zero v1.0 …
  • quentingondat/generative-chatbot
    a generative chatbot based on a tensorflow seq2seq neural net applied to ubuntu dataset – quentingondat/generative-chatbot.
  • birnbaum/gerhardstein
    the name “gerhard stein” was determined by searching for the 88th most popular forename and the 88th most popular surname in this data set. believe it or not, …
  • taihangfu/basic-chatbot
    basic (chit-chat) chatbot using sequence to sequence (seq2seq) model and word embeddings. use microsoft botbuilder personality chat datasets, which …
  • douglasdcm/chatbot_for_movies
    the intention of this project is to create a chatbot based on movie reviews so … it is compared to the questions dataset; if a similar message is found, the chat bot …
  • denisolt/tensorflow_chat_bot
    tensorflow chat bot. a chatbot using tensorflow and cornell universities movie dialogue dataset. this is a tutorial of one of the videos by sirajology …
  • polliosis/chatbot
    17 dec 2019 — polliosis / chatbot · chatbot · dataset · directories · run chatbot · configuration (config.py).
  • yusanity/tf-idf-document-retrieval-chatbot
    30 nov 2018 — the chatbot will be created based on a document retrieval based chatbot architecture. it will be trained on a set of questions and answer dataset.
  • ibm/pytorch-seq2seq/issues/66
    4 sept 2017 — i’m using pytorch-seq2seq for chatbot. i used two dataset ubuntu and twitter. i ‘ve formatted the datasets, modified data path in “example.py” …
  • vaishnavikillekar/balaram-agriculture-chatbot
    balaram is an interactive chatbot which is trained using agriculture data of india. it uses its own custom-made dataset. it can accept both text and speech input.
  • ianlikono/dnlp-chatbot-
    contribute to ianlikono/dnlp-chatbot- … chatbot using cornell movie dialog corpus dataset using seq2seq …
  • ivanbongiorni/attention-chatbot
    folders: /data_raw : uncompressed raw dataset must be pasted here. /data_processed : all pre-processed observations will be saved in /training , /validation …
  • vinamrarathi/chatbot
    chatbot. my goal was to create a chatbot that could talk to people in real-time, and not sound like a total idiot. the dataset i accquired was from reddit comments …
  • amalbros/dialogflow-chatbot-generator
    this project is to generate zip file to import dataset to dialogflow – amalbros/dialogflow-chatbot-generator.
  • liquidata-inc/chat-bot-profanity-filter
    a simple python script that pulls data from the bad-words dolthub dataset to censor bad words between a user and the command line chatbot. the goal of this …
  • jalajthanaki/chatbot_based_on_babi_dataset_using_keras
    19 jan 2018 — built the chatbot based on babi dataset using keras – jalajthanaki/chatbot_based_on_babi_dataset_using_keras.
  • luckyssc/chatbot-pytorch
    a base seq2seq+attention chatbot model, using dd(daily dialogue) for dataset. content. requirments; train; predict. requirements.
  • vishakha-lall/mapbot/issues/52
    gather more data for the chatbot’s database via publicly available datasets #52. closed. janakrajchadha opened this issue on mar 4, 2020 · 18 comments.
  • kunal164107/interview-chatbot
    8 jan 2019 — an interview chatbot powered by deep learning and trained on dataset consisting of interview question(computer science domain). built on …
  • reshmamustafa/sallapam
    whoosh library is incorporated with the malayalam chatbot engine for indexing purpose. the dataset created for the project is in tourism domain. the data is …
  • harsh9524/conversational-ai-chatbot-using-practical-seq2seq
    a simple open domain generative based chatbot based on recurrent neural … the dataset will contain many files out of which two files are to be used by us.
  • vishwa22/stackoverflow-assistant-bot
    5 july 2019 — constructing a dialogue chat bot, which will be able to: answer programming-related questions (using stackoverflow dataset); chit-chat and …
  • kenhenry/tensorflow-seq2seq-chatbot
    8 jan 2017 — in this demo code, we implement tensorflows sequence to sequence model to train a chatbot on the cornell movie dialogue dataset.
  • vishalstark512/chatbot_with_intents
    chatbot based on intents. … “generate_data.py” to train you neural network on the give dataset, and the last “chat_model.py” for creating the responses for the …
  • vijapurapus/mybot
    13 nov 2019 — chatbots in dialogflow, chatterbot, rasa and slack/ ibm watson … to identify custom entity types by providing a small dataset of examples.
  • joshglue/ccmlwi_chatbot
    we created a chatbot that tries to mimic the famous homer simpson’s way of … to train the model on both datasets the data needs to preprocessed, so that the …
  • shbhmbhrgv/personality-chatbot
    contribute to shbhmbhrgv/personality-chatbot development by creating an … python main.py –createdataset –corpus lightweight –datasettag
  • rdany
    chatbot implementations to use with rdany dataset. python 1 · rdany-server. flask server backend for rdany. python 1 · art. rdany images, 3d assets, music.
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot/issues/2
    15 may 2018 — chatbot: what the hell is that supposed to mean? … i would like to train the bot on datasets other than cornell, including some domain-specific …
  • daniel-kukiela/nmt-chatbot/issues/140
    11 sept 2019 — i want to know where does the new_data come from? can i use it in my paper? moreover, i find new_data/tst2012 and new_data/tst2013 have …
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot/issues/16
    7 mar 2019 — train a chatbot model: error: one of the arguments —datasetdir/-d –checkpointfile/-c … run train.py –datasetdir=datasets\cornell_movie_dialog …
  • sekharvth/simple-chatbot-keras
    18 mar 2018 — of unique words) of the enire data set (the cornell movie dialogues corpus in this case) would be more than 50,000. and the number of examples …
  • abrahamsanders/seq2seq-chatbot/issues/11
    12 nov 2018 — if you are on windows, you can use the training batch files inside the dataset directory. for example, datasets/cornell_movie_dialog/ …
  • vaibhawraj/factoid-based-question-answer-chatbot
    factoid question answering chat bot is a simpler version of question … test script uses stanford question answer dataset (squad) to ask question and match …
  • pender/chatbot-rnn/issues/40
    12 mar 2018 — thanks for the great repo, quick questions though: what is the minimum amount of data rows would you recommend for a new dataset? what is …
  • abhishekkrthakur
    contributed to huggingface/datasets, abhishekkrthakur/tez, abhishekkrthakur/wtfml and 5 other repositories. 4% code review 2% issues 8% pull requests 86% …