Discourse Representation Structure 2017


Discourse representation structures can be used to implement natural language understanding software.

  • Machine reader
  • Machine reading
  • Natural language semantics


  • ace-in-gf .. attempto controlled english in grammatical framework
  • boxer .. input ccg derivations and produce discourse representation structures
  • fox .. a framework for rdf extraction from text based on ensemble learning
  • fred .. machine reader for the semantic web, able to parse natural language text and transform it to linked data
  • naivesumm .. uses the frequencies of words in the document in order to calculate and extract the sentences
  • pdrt sandbox .. an implementation of the formal framework of projective discourse representation theory
  • propbank.github.io .. the proposition bank
  • wit.istc.cnr.it/stlab-tools/fred .. a machine reader for the semantic web



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Events, discourse representations and temporal reference
H Kamp – Semantics and Pragmatics, 2017 – semprag.org
… that the relation between the sentences, or sentence sequences, we employ in verbal communication and that which these sentences or sentence sequences are about are mediated by certain structures, which I have come to refer to as Discourse Representation Structures …

Semantic web machine reading with FRED
A Gangemi, V Presutti, D Reforgiato Recupero… – Semantic …, 2017 – content.iospress.com
… They are summarised in Table 1. 2.1.From Discourse Representation Structures to RDF/OWL n-ary relations. The core of FRED takes as input Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs), based on Hans Kamp’s Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) [25] …

Conceptual versus referential affordance in concept composition
L McNally, G Boleda – Compositionality and concepts in linguistics and …, 2017 – Springer
… background. Our implementation of DRT will be entirely standard, with just three exceptions. First, we need a means of connecting distributional semantic representations to Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs). Second …

The Groningen Meaning Bank
J Bos, V Basile, K Evang, NJ Venhuizen… – Handbook of Linguistic …, 2017 – Springer
… The current version of the GMB contains more than 10,000 public domain texts aligned with Discourse Representation Structures, and is freely available for research purposes. Keywords … 2.2.1 Discourse Representation Structures. The syntax of DRSs is based on a type system …

Discourse properties of now 1
E Lee – Journal of Linguistics, 2017 – cambridge.org
Page 1. J. Linguistics (2015), 1–28. © Cambridge University Press 2015 doi:10.1017/S0022226715000432 Discourse properties of now1 EUNHEE LEE University at Buffalo (Received 29 July 2013; revised 9 October 2015) …

Context-passing and underspecification in dependent type semantics
D Bekki, K Mineshima – Modern Perspectives in Type-Theoretical …, 2017 – Springer
… works have provided different approaches. Ahn and Kolb (1990) proposed a translation algorithm from discourse representation structures to SRs in terms of dependent type theory. Dávila-Pérez (1995) proposed an integration …

The state of the art in semantic representation
O Abend, A Rappoport – Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… For example, Boxer (Bos, 2008) and GMB, which builds on Boxer, use Discourse Representation Structures (Kamp and Reyle, 1993), while Lewis and Steedman (2013) used Davidsonian-style ?-expressions, accompa- nied by lexical categorization of the predicates …

The PENG ASP system: architecture, language and authoring tool
SC Guy, R Schwitter – Language Resources and Evaluation, 2017 – Springer
… This predictive editor communicates asynchronously with a controlled natural language processor that translates the specification text via discourse representation structures into executable Answer Set Programs (ASP) … 6.1 Extended discourse representation structures …

The Logical Foundations of Discourse Interpretation
N Asher – Logic Colloquium’96, 2017 – books.google.com
… and the correctness definition. In the first step, we construct a representation of the content of the discourse known as a discourse representation structure or DRS. DRT uses DRSs to define context change potential. I won’t detail …

Adapting type theory with records for natural language semantics
R Cooper – Modern perspectives in type-theoretical semantics, 2017 – Springer
… general approach: Discourse representation structures (Kamp and Reyle 1993). For discussion of how discourse representation structures can be modelled as record types see Cooper (2005b). Feature structures (Sag et al.

Towards interoperable annotation of quantification
H Bunt – Proceedings of the 13th Joint ISO-ACL Workshop on …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… characterizing event participation. This is brought out most clearly in the semantics of the annotations, which makes use of Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs) that involve sets of events with sets of participants. For example …

dARe – Using Argumentation to Explain Conclusions from a Controlled Natural Language Knowledge Base
A Wyner, H Strass – … Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other …, 2017 – Springer
… The admissible sentences are translated into Discourse Representation Structures [4, 14], which can be translated into predicate logic and which support the semantic representation of aspects of discourse such as pronominal anaphora …

Aspectual Composition and Recursion
H de Swart – Mood, Aspect, Modality Revisited: New Answers to …, 2017 – books.google.com
Page 325. chapter nine Aspectual Composition and Recursion Henriëtte de Swart 1 Introduction A proper explanation of the way in which natural language presents situations in their temporal dimension requires an understanding …

Descriptions and non-doxastic attitude ascriptions
W Rostworowski – Philosophical Studies – Springer
… Fig. 1 Discourse representation structure of (15.d) (DRS-15d). Open image in new window. Fig. 2 Discourse representation structure of (15.c) (DRS-15c). Given the semantic system presented by Maier (2015, sec. 3.2), the subDRS in the scope of “Att” in DRS-15d (Fig …

Referential dependencies between conflicting attitudes
E Maier – Journal of philosophical logic, 2017 – Springer
… In a nutshell, mental states are sets of attitudes, which in turn consist of a mode indicator (BEL for belief, DES for desire, etc.), and a Discourse Representation Structure (DRS) specifying the content of the attitude in question …

Discourse markers and discourse relations
A Cost?chescu – … , Discourse Markers and Modal Particles: New …, 2017 – books.google.com
… In the (S) DRT framework, the discourse or, more precisely, the sentences of a text are processed one after the other, the system assigning a logical represen- tation to every sentence, in the form of a diagram box, called DRS (‘Discourse Representation Structure): Sn Sn+ 1 …

Challenges and Some Potential Strategies for Relating Engineering Issues with Their Causes in Text
N Madhusudanan, A Chakrabarti… – … Conference on Research …, 2017 – Springer
… practical solution. The process of acquisition of issues and their causes, therefore, has to be compatible with the logical form being used, which currently is the DRS (Discourse representation structure) form of representation. An …

Discourse Structure in Machine Translation Evaluation
S Joty, F Guzmán, L Màrquez, P Nakov – Computational Linguistics, 2017 – MIT Press
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Pluperfect in discourse: When and why do we go back in time?
EH Lee – Journal of Pragmatics, 2017 – Elsevier
Contra traditional Reichenbach (1947) analysis of tense and aspect, a mere temporal precedence relation does not license a simple past-pluperfect sequence in di.

Towards Formalizing Statute Law as Default Logic through Automatic Semantic Parsing
M Pertierra, S Lawsky, E Hemberg, UM O’Reilly – 2017 – groups.csail.mit.edu
… 3Consists of a POS-tagger, Named-Entity Recognition, and a CCG [20] parser. 4Maps CCG derivations output to Discourse Representation Structure [13] Page 3 … It displays the result in both Discourse Representation Structure (DRS) and First Order Logic …

AMR2FRED, A Tool for Translating Abstract Meaning Representation to Motif-Based Linguistic Knowledge Graphs
A Meloni, DR Recupero, A Gangemi – European Semantic Web …, 2017 – Springer
… The core of FRED takes as input a neo-Davidsonian variety of Discourse Representation Structures (DRS) for event and role representation, but substantially extends it with compositional semantics of terms, event relations, a novel adjective semantics [14], and many other …

Basic level (of categorization), 113, 114, 116 Behaviourism, 43 Belief-Desire-Action, 84 Biological classification, 298 Boolean, 136, 140
JA Hampton, Y Winter – Compositionality and Concepts in Linguistics and …, 2017 – Springer
… 116, 126 Dimension, 105, 108, 125, 133, 166, 197, 198, 201, 202, 210, 216, 275, 278, 280, 284, 294, 296, 298, 300–302, 313, 314 Dimension function, 200, 215, 216 Dimension integration, 298 Directed Path Structure (DPS), 195 Discourse Representation Structure (DRS), 260 …

Schizophrenic Conversations and Context Shifting
M Rebuschi – … and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and …, 2017 – Springer
… pragmatics. The first is analyzed via Segmented Discourse Representation Structures (SDRSs) inspired by the DRSs of Discourse Representation Theory (DRT), which is a syntactic construction updated by conversational flow [14] …

Action Languages and Question Answering
Y Lierler, D Inclezan, M Gelfond – IWCS 2017—12th International …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… Stage 1 or Entity and relation extraction: The goal of this stage is to take an English discourse as an input and produce a so-called discourse representation structure (DRS) — a basic building block of Discourse Representation Theory (Kamp and Reyle, 1993) …

Extending DUDES for Ranked Template Generation
H Joe, S Yang, Y Shim, S Jang, HG Kim – ceur-ws.org
… semantics of the original question. The intermediate representation is DUDES [3], a variation of Un- derspecified Discourse Representation Structures (UDRS) [4]. A template is then formed from this DUDES. Each node on the …

Variable Handling in DRT and DTS
Y Yana, K Mineshima, D Bekki – Workshop on Logic and Algorithms …, 2017 – diva-portal.org
… 2.1 Classical DRT Classical DRT is known to be non-compositional theory in two senses: It is inter- sententially non-compositional because each sentence is not assigned a discourse representation structure (DRS), which can be determined only relative to its preced- ing …

Fer-ho Anaphora in Catalan: Semantic and Discourse Properties
J Busquets – Journal of psycholinguistic research, 2017 – Springer
… The classical representations of sentences are drss (Discourse Representation Structures) … Within this approach, a set of discourse referents or discourse mark- ers is introduced to the drs (Discourse Representation Structures) in order to account for anaphora …

Indexicals and Compositionality: Inside-Out or Outside-In?
J Bos – IWCS 2017—12th International Conference on …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… The basic assumption is that sentences such as (1) and (2) have the meanings that are represented by the Discourse Representation Structures (DRS) shown in (3) and (4), thereby predicting that the latter entails the former. Page 2. (3) [[(1)]] …

AMUSE: Multilingual Semantic Parsing for Question Answering over Linked Data
S Hakimov, S Jebbara, P Cimiano – International Semantic Web …, 2017 – Springer
… In particular, our approach learns to map universal syntactic dependency representations to a language-independent logical form based on DUDES (Dependency-based Underspecified Discourse Representation Structures) that are then mapped to a SPARQL query as a …

Idioms and the syntax/semantics interface of descriptive content vs. reference
B Gehrke, L McNally – 2017 – beritgehrke.com
… syntax via a set of construction rules. DRT representations, called Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs), crucially separate discourse referents from the conditions that these referents must satisfy. In the version of DRT that …

Reconciling Event-Based Knowledge Through RDF2VEC
M Alam, DR Recupero, M Mongiovi, A Gangemi… – ceur-ws.org
… language. The Discourse Representation Structures (DRS) produced by Boxer use Verb- Net thematic roles. These functionalities implemented in FRED help in the event detection task for our method. 3 State of the Art Approaches …

Type Theory for Natural Language Semantics
S Chatzikyriakidis, R Cooper – researchgate.net
… Since record types also can be thought of as modelling discourse representation structures (DRSs) this is a bit like a semantic theory where DRSs play the role of propositions, whereas in standard discourse representation theory propositions would be Montague style …

. Seeing the untold
J Wildfeuer, C Pollaroli – Multimodal Argumentation and Rhetoric …, 2017 – books.google.com
… The logical form makes visible the interpretation of the shot as a discourse representation structure, featuring characters, objects, and circumstances of the film’s narrative, which can normally be analysed as events in the promoted film …

Categorial Minimalist Grammar: From Generative Syntax To Logical Form
M Amblard, A Lecomte, C Retoré – hal.inria.fr
Page 1. HAL Id: hal-00545748 https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00545748 Submitted on 12 Dec 2010 HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of sci- entific research documents, whether they are pub- lished or not …

Developing Educative Multimodal Conversational Applications for Mobile Devices
D Griol, Z Callejas – … on Technology-Centric Strategies for Higher …, 2017 – books.google.com
… Agent Architecture. The dialog component uses Discourse Representation Structures (DRS) from Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) to represent the meaning of the dialog between human and robot. OUR ARCHITECTURE …

CNLs for the semantic web: a state of the art
H Safwat, B Davis – Language Resources and Evaluation, 2017 – Springer
… defined content words. The content words can be added or modified using the integrated lexical editor. PENG text is easy to be translated into first order logic (FOL) using discourse representation structures (DRS). Also, it uses …

14 Formal Semantics
S LAPPIN – The Handbook of Linguistics, 2017 – books.google.com
… value of he. The con- junction of these conditions on u yields a discourse representation structure that holds iff there is a man who came in and that man sat down, which is the desired reading of the sequence. Applying this approach …

Live Meanings
P Dekker – Bridging Formal and Conceptual Semantics Selected … – dup.oa.hhu.de
… Mental spaces, frames, conceptual space, discourse representation structures if one wants, can all be taken to present their own ways of formulating or modeling cognitively signi cant aspects of the very same public space. 30 Page 31 …

Local pragmatics in a Gricean framework
M Simons – Inquiry, 2017 – Taylor & Francis

R Slabakova – jstage.jst.go.jp
… These pragmatic structures are subsequently assembled into longer units of text in the discourse module, in the forrn of Discourse Representation Structures. -10- Page 7. (3) The syntax-discourse relationship (L6pez 2009: 23) Discourse T Z[p] T Z
Intensions, types and finite-state truthmaking
T Fernando – Modern Perspectives in Type-Theoretical Semantics, 2017 – Springer
… more than a “superficial feature” of e relative to u. The importance of representing u is arguably the key insight of Discourse Representation Theory (DRT, Kamp and Reyle 1993), which formulates i and \(\mathsf{CMI}_e(i)\) alike as discourse representation structures, DRSs …

Fictitious Anchors
F Recanati – Theoretical Linguistics, 2017 – degruyter.com
… This difference can be captured by letting the anchor-DRS occur at the topmost level in the hierarchy of discourse representation structures representing the speaker’s worldview – what Julie Hunter calls the super-DRS K 0 …

A Study Towards Spanish Abstract Meaning Representation
N Migueles Abraira – 2017 – addi.ehu.es
… DMRS Dependency Minimal Recursion Semantics DRS Discourse Representation Structure DRT Discourse Representation Theory … Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) (Kamp and Reyle, 1993) and it comes in the form of Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs) …

Collecting Crowd-Sourced Lexical Coercions for Compositional Semantic Analysis
M Lafourcade, B Mery23, M Mirzapour, R Moot… – researchgate.net
… The semantic analysis of natural language aims to produce a complete and structural meaning representation of a given text (for example, a logical for- mula or a Discourse Representation Structure) that makes explicit the entities referenced in the text as well as their …

Defeasible AceRules: A Prototype
M Diller, A Wyner, H Strass – IWCS 2017-12th International Conference …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… Some specific, relevant issues are detailed. AceRules builds on APE, which parses ACE input sentences into discourse representation structures (DRSs) (Blackburn and Bos, 2005), a syntactical variant of first-order logic that supports the represen- tation of aspects of discourse …

Towards a Syntax-Semantics Interface for Latin
AM Devine, LD Stephens – Catalan Journal of Linguistics, 2017 – raco.cat
… the indices are treated as temporary names for discourse referents. Computation proceeds via morphologically controlled merg- er of discourse representation structures. The third (Casadio & Lambek 2005) uses its types to …

Pragmatic Functions of Presupposition in Arabic
M Wardat – davidpublisher.org
… DAVID PUBLISHING D Page 2. PRAGMATIC FUNCTIONS OF PRESUPPOSITION IN ARABIC 304 accessible discourse representation structure” (Geurts, 2010, p. 135). Consequently, both the S and L should worry about binders so that communication keeps flowing …

Finding Missing Categories in Incomplete Utterances
M Mirzapour – 24e Conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des … – taln2017.cnrs.fr
… Categorial grammar is extracted semi-automatically from the Paris 7 tree-bank and its semantic lexicon maps combinations of words, part-of-speech tags and formulas to Discourse Representation Structures (Kamp & Reyle, 1993) …

On the discourse anaphoric properties of Spanish pre-and post-nominal demonstratives: A comparative analysis
IZ Hernández – Linguistics, 2017 – degruyter.com
AbstractThis paper studies the referring properties of post-nominal demonstratives in Spanish with an aim to contributing to our present understanding of this marked construction. A corpus analysis is presented, where 600 cases of pre- and post-nominal demonstratives are analyzed …

The Discourse Semantics of Long-Distance Reflexives
PE Solberg – 2017 – duo.uio.no
Page 1. The Discourse Semantics of Long-Distance Reflexives Thesis submitted for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor Per Erik Solberg Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas Faculty of Humanities University of Oslo 2017 Page 2. Page 3 …

Local pragmatics in a Gricean framework, revisited: response to three commentaries
M Simons – Inquiry, 2017 – aap.tandfonline.com
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Event-based knowledge reconciliation using frame embeddings and frame similarity
M Alam, DR Recupero, M Mongiovi, A Gangemi… – Knowledge-Based …, 2017 – Elsevier
… of natural language. The Discourse Representation Structures (DRS) produced by Boxer use VerbNet thematic roles. These functionalities implemented in FRED help in the event detection task for our method. FRED further …

A DISCOURSE ANALYSIS OF LUO TRADITIONAL DIRGES: The Discourse Strategies in Dirge Music Performance
FO ATOH – erepository.uonbi.ac.ke

Understanding Focus: Tune, Placement, and Coherence
JJ Schlöder, A Lascarides – homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk
Page 1. Understanding Focus: Tune, Placement, and Coherence Julian J. Schlöder ILLC University of Amsterdam julian.schloeder@gmail.com Alex Lascarides School of Informatics University of Edinburgh alex@inf.ed.ac.uk …

Contextuality: At the Borders
S Abramsky – Categories for the Working Philosopher, 2017 – books.google.com
… In this paper, a basic part of the Discourse Representation Structure framework (Kamp and Reyle, 1993) is formulated as a presheaf, and the gluing of local sections into global ones is used to represent the resolution of anaphoric references …

Counterfactual Attitudes and the Relational Analysis
K Blumberg – Mind, 2017 – academic.oup.com
Abstract. In this paper, I raise a problem for standard precisifications of the Relational Analysis of attitude reports. The problem I raise involves counterfa.

Sustainable development and refinement of complex linguistic annotations at scale
D Flickinger, S Oepen, EM Bender – Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, 2017 – Springer
The development of complex and consistent linguistic annotations over large and varied corpora requires an approach which allows for the incremental improvement of existing annotations by encoding all.

Ontology Based Search of Document Repositories-Correction of Terms and Ontology Learning-A keyword Based Approach
J Talati, N Balaji – sijr.in
Page 1. Ontology Based Search of Document Repositories – Correction of Terms and Ontology Learning – A keyword Based Approach Jatin Talati1 and N. Balaji2? 1IBM Research India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India 2ISE Dept., Sahyadri …

Quotation in dialogue
E Gregoromichelaki – The semantics and pragmatics of quotation, 2017 – Springer
… TTR as a representation format provides recursive data structures reminiscent both of the feature structures in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG, Sag et al. 2003) and, semantically, of discourse representation structures (DRSs) …

Instruction completion through instance-based learning and semantic analogical reasoning
D Nyga, M Picklum, S Koralewski… – … and Automation (ICRA) …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. Instruction Completion through Instance-based Learning and Semantic Analogical Reasoning Daniel Nyga, Mareike Picklum, Sebastian Koralewski, Michael Beetz ? Abstract—As autonomous, mobile robots are increasingly …

Pregroup Grammars with Linear Parsing: Long Distance Dependency of Clitics in French
A Preller, V Prince – hal.archives-ouvertes.fr
… Then we describe reductions geometrically as graphs and give the corresponding semantical interpretation into predicate logic. More about this interpretation following the lines of Discourse Representation Structures in [Kamp-Reyle] can be found in [Preller06] …

A Knowledge Representation Framework for Handling Elementary (Patent) Pragmatics
S Ramakrishna – 2017 – diss.fu-berlin.de
Page 1. Freie Universität Berlin Department of Mathematics and Computer Science A Knowledge Representation Framework for Handling Elementary (Patent) Pragmatics by Ramakrishna Shashishekar Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of …

Fictional names in psychologistic semantics
E Maier – Theoretical Linguistics, 2017 – degruyter.com
AbstractFictional names pose a difficult puzzle for semantics. How can we maintain that Frodo is a hobbit, while admitting that Frodo does not exist? To dissolve this paradox, I propose a way to formalize the interpretation of fiction as ‘prescriptions to imagine’ (Walton 1990) within …

Presupposition projection in online processing
F Schwarz, S Tiemann – Journal of Semantics, 2017 – academic.oup.com
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A hybrid (visual/natural) controlled language
Y Haralambous, J Sauvage-Vincent… – Language Resources and …, 2017 – Springer
We define the notion of controlled hybrid language that allows information share and interaction between a controlled natural language (specified by a context-free grammar) and a controlled visual lan.

Semantic Representation and Interpretation of Short Texts with Deep Learning
T Wang – 2017 – search.proquest.com
Semantic Representation and Interpretation of Short Texts with Deep Learning. Abstract. Recent advancement of deep learning research has made significant impact on Natural Language Processing (NLP). However, many research …

Natural language ontology
F Moltmann – 2017 – philpapers.org
Page 1. 1 To appear in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Linguistics (final version) Natural Language Ontology Friederike Moltmann CNRS-IHPST and NYU October 2016 Summary Natural language ontology is a branch of both metaphysics and linguistics semantic …

Sentence simplification with deep reinforcement learning
X Zhang, M Lapata – arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.10931, 2017 – arxiv.org
… Page 2. tence. The hybrid model developed in Narayan and Gardent (2014) also operates in two phases. Initially, a probabilistic model performs sentence splitting and deletion operations over discourse representation structures assigned by Boxer (Cur- ran et al., 2007) …

Formal approaches to textual entailment, polarity, and pronominal anaphora
J Lavalle – 2017 – inaoe.repositorioinstitucional.mx
… produces proof trees of Combinatory Categorial Grammar [SB11]. Afterwards, the proof trees are used to build discourse representation structures, these are the semantic representations from Discourse Representation Theory. Later, the semantic representations …

Reviving the parameter revolution in semantics
B Pickel, B Rabern, J Dever – philpapers.org
Page 1. Reviving the parameter revolution in semantics ? Bryan Pickel†, Brian Rabern‡, and Josh Dever§ – forthcoming in The Science of Meaning, Oxford University Press – . . . it is easy to write semantical rules that give the …

Toward a knowledge-to-text controlled natural language of isiZulu
CM Keet, L Khumalo – Language Resources and Evaluation, 2017 – Springer
The language isiZulu belongs to the Nguni group of languages, which also include isiXhosa, isiNdebele and siSwati. Of the four Nguni languages, isiZulu is the most dominant language in South Africa, w.

Identification and Resolution of Ambiguities using AV Mapping Algorithm for Query Transformation
R Ahmad, M Abid, R Ali – researchgate.net
… particular domain or database [13]. Also, these authors have introduced an intermediate language called DRS (Discourse Representation Structure) to transform a Natural Language Query into SQL [13]. Ontology can be very …

Natural language template selection for temporal constraints
CM Keet – CREOL: Contextual Representation of Events and …, 2017 – pubs.cs.uct.ac.za
… 17 October 2011, Wellington, New Zealand. [7] NE Fuchs, K. Kaljurand, and T. Kuhn. Discourse Representation Structures for ACE 6.6. Technical Report ifi-2010.0010, Dept of Informatics, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 2010. [8] D. Gianni, P. Bocciarelli, and A. D’Ambrogio …

Online Reasoning for Semantic Error Detection in Text
F Gutierrez, D Dou, N de Silva, S Fickas – Journal on Data Semantics, 2017 – Springer
… It must be mentioned that semantic parsers can also be considered as IE systems. For example, the semantic parser Boxer [2, 3] produces a deep analysis of a text by generating discourse representation structures (DRS). Through …

The application of controlled natural language on carbon market domain knowledge for enhanced retrieval of information
FH Abanda – International Journal of Intelligent …, 2017 – inderscienceonline.com
… will be presented in this paper. The APE translates ACE texts unambiguously into discourse representation structures (DRS) that use a variant of the language of FOL (Fuchs et al., 2008). The ACE Reasoner RACE supports …

Fernando Gutierrez, Dejing Dou, Nisansa de Silva & Stephen Fickas
JD Semant – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… For example, the semantic parser Boxer [2,3] produces a deep analysis of a text by generat- ing discourse representation structures (DRS). Through these structures, Boxer can provide a mental representation of the text by considering different levels of abstraction …

Mood choice in complements of Spanish comprender and Portuguese compreender (‘understand’) – distribution and meaning
R Vesterinen – Languages in Contrast, 2017 – jbe-platform.com
… 5. From a formal perspective of linguistic analysis, mood choice is commonly explained by a model shift in Discourse Representation Structures (cf. Farkas 1985, 1992; Quer 1998, 2001, 2010). See Vesterinen (2014a, 2014b) for a detailed discussion on the matter. Page 7 …

Look before you move
T Leal – Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish …, 2017 – jbe-platform.com
… 1998). In López’s view, discourse is a computational module that assembles sentences into Discourse Representation Structures, while pragmatics (a distinct module) assigns (prag- matic) features to the syntactic object. Hence …

Quotation in Dialogue Eleni Gregoromichelaki King’s College London and Osnabrück University elenigregor@ gmail. com 0049 015171228 646
E Gregoromichelaki – kcl.ac.uk
… the feature structures in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG, Sag et al. 2003) and, semantically, of discourse representation structures (DRSs). Records, like r below, are structured collections of ‘fields’ consisting of assignments of entities as values to ‘labels’, the …

Learning How to Simplify From Explicit Labeling of Complex-Simplified Text Pairs
F Alva-Manchego, J Bingel, G Paetzold… – Proceedings of the …, 2017 – aclweb.org
… outperforming Zhu et al. (2010) in terms of BLEU. Narayan and Gardent (2014) built TS systems by combining discourse representation structures with a PBMT model, which outperforms previous approaches. Xu et al. (2016) modify a …

Designing Annotation Schemes: From Theory to Model
J Pustejovsky, H Bunt, A Zaenen – Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, 2017 – Springer
In this chapter, we describe the method and process of transforming the theoretical formulations of a linguistic phenomenon, based on empirical observations, into a model that can be used for the deve.

Towards flexiformal mathematics
M Iancu – 2017 – d-nb.info
Page 1. Towards Flexiformal Mathematics by Mihnea Iancu A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science Approved Dissertation Committee Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase Jacobs University Bremen, Germany …

Advanced Issues of Health Informatics and Clinical Decision Support System in Global Health Care
K Kasemsap – Next-Generation Mobile and Pervasive Healthcare …, 2017 – books.google.com
… doi: 10.1111/j. 1365- 2753.2012. 01900. x PMID: 22994991 Mendes, DJ, Rodrigues, IP, Baeta, CF, & Solano-Rodriguez, C.(2015). Extended clinical discourse representation structure for controlled natural language clinical decision support systems …

Active learning-based approach for named entity recognition on short text streams
C Van Tran, TT Nguyen, DT Hoang, D Hwang… – Multimedia and Network …, 2017 – Springer
… Vietnam J. Comput. Sci. pp. 1–7 (2016)Google Scholar. 15. Tran, T., Nguyen, DT: Algorithm of computing verbal relationships for generating vietnamese paragraph of summarization from the logical expression of discourse representation structure. Vietnam J. Comput. Sci. pp …

Ps at the interfaces: on the syntax, semantics, and morphology of spatial prepositions in German
BP Haselbach – 2017 – elib.uni-stuttgart.de
… D determiner dat dative def definite Deg degree dir directional DM Distributed Morphology DP determiner phrase DRS Discourse Representation Structure DRT Discourse Representation Theory Dx deixis xv Page 16. xvi List of Abbreviations DxP deixis phrase …

ELFE–An interactive theorem prover for undergraduate students
M Doré, K Broda, A Russo – 2017 – imperial.ac.uk
Page 1. IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON BENG INDIVIDUAL PROJECT ELFE – An interactive theorem prover for undergraduate students Author: Maximilian Doré Supervisors: Dr. Krysia Broda Prof. Alessandra Russo June 19, 2017 Page 2. Page 3. iii Abstract …

Survey on challenges of question answering in the semantic web
K Höffner, S Walter, E Marx, R Usbeck… – Semantic …, 2017 – content.iospress.com
… restrictions for each meaning. Each term is mapped to a Dependency-based Underspecified Discourse REpresentation Structure (DUDE [36]), which captures its possible meanings along with their class restrictions. Treo [60,61 …

On denying presuppositions
L Clapp – Synthese, 2017 – Springer
… interpretation. DRT’s formal model of the dynamic process of discourse interpretation is based upon the syntax and semantics of discourse representation structures (DRSs). The syntax of DRSs is characterized as follows: a …

Translation Divergences in Chinese–English Machine Translation: An Empirical Investigation
D Deng, N Xue – Computational Linguistics, 2017 – MIT Press
Create a new account. Email. Returning user. Can’t sign in? Forgot your password? Enter your email address below and we will send you the reset instructions. Email. Cancel. If the address matches an existing account you will …

On linguistic signalling games in improvised theatre
L Morrissey – 2017 – lmorrissey.info
… DRT is predicated on the notion that any information introduced into a conversation at a given turn has an effect on the interpreta- tion of utterances in subsequent turns. It defines Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs), which are the basic form of representing contexts …

If No Media Were Allowed inside the Venue, Was Anybody Allowed?
Z Sarabi, E Blanco – Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the …, 2017 – aclweb.org
Page 1. Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Volume 1, Long Papers, pages 860–869, Valencia, Spain, April 3-7, 2017. cO2017 Association for Computational Linguistics …

A Survey of Naturalistic Programming Technologies
O Pulido-Prieto, U Juárez-Martínez – ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 2017 – dl.acm.org
… ACE consists of various elements. Attempto Parsing English (APE) is a Prolog- based interpreter that incorporates ACE construction and interpretation rules, with text unam- biguously translated into Discourse Representation Structures (DSR) …

Logic-based Approach to Machine Comprehension of Text
P Chabierski, A Russo, M Law – 2017 – imperial.ac.uk
Page 1. Imperial College London Department of Computing MEng Individual Project Logic-based Approach to Machine Comprehension of Text Author: Piotr Chabierski Project Supervisors: Prof. Alessandra Russo Mark Law June 19, 2017 Page 2. Page 3. Abstract …

N-ary relation extraction for simultaneous T-Box and A-Box knowledge base augmentation
M Fossati, E Dorigatti, C Giuliano – Semantic Web, 2017 – content.iospress.com
The Web has evolved into a huge mine of knowledge carved in different forms, the predominant one still being the free-text document. This motivates the need for intelligent Web-reading agents : hypothetically, they would skim through disparate Web so.

Journal of Logics
S Chatzikyriakidis, F Pasquali, C Retoré – 2017 – collegepublications.co.uk
Page 1. The IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications Volume 4 Issue 2 March 2017 V olume 4 Issue 2 March 2017 The IfColog Journal of Logics and their Applications ISSN PRINT 2055-3706 ISSN ONLINE 2055-3714 Special Issue Hilbert’s epsilon and tau in Logic …

Contracts and Computation—Formal modelling and analysis for normative natural language
JJ Camilleri – 2017 – gupea.ub.gu.se
Page 1. Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Contracts and Computation Formal modelling and analysis for normative natural language John J. Camilleri Department of Computer Science and Engineering Chalmers …

B HALIMI, MPM DETLEFSEN, MPS GANDON… – bhalimi.parisnanterre.fr
Page 1. UNIVERSITÉ PARIS DIDEROT Session d’automne 2017 LOGICAL CONTEXTUALITY Texte inédit présenté en vue d’obtenir L’HABILITATION À DIRIGER DES RECHERCHES par Brice HALIMI devant un jury réuni le mercredi 13 décembre 2017 et composé de …

Les effects et les handlers dans le langage naturel Effects and Handlers in Natural Language
J Marš?k – hal.inria.fr
… 116 5.3 Discourse Representation Theory . . . . . 116 5.3.1 Discourse Representation Structures . . . . . 118 5.3.2 DRSs as Contents …

Sensorimotor cognition and natural language syntax Part II
A Knott – 2017 – cs.otago.ac.nz
Page 1. Department of Computer Science, University of Otago Technical Report OUCS-2017-04 Sensorimotor cognition and natural language syntax Part II Author: Alistair Knott Department of Computer Science, University of Otago, New Zealand …

3D Character Animation Using Sign Language
ACA Ferreira – 2017 – repositorio-aberto.up.pt
Page 1. 3D Character Animation Using Sign Language Anabel Cristina Alves Ferreira Dissertação de Mestrado apresentada à Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto em Área Científica 2017 3D C ha racter A nim ation U sing S ign La ng ua ge A n abel Cristin …

Constructions in Use
H Filip, P Indefrey, L Kallmeyer, S Löbner, G Schurz – 2017 – dup.oa.hhu.de
Page 1. Constructions in Use Alexander auf der Straße Page 2. Hana Filip, Peter Indefrey, Laura Kallmeyer, Sebastian Löbner, Gerhard Schurz & Robert D. Van Valin, Jr. (eds.) Dissertations in Language and Cognition 4 Page 3. Alexander auf der Straße 2017 …

N-ary Relation Extraction for Simultaneous T-Box and A-Box Knowledge Base Augmentation
S Web – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
Page 1. Semantic Web 0 (0) 1–28 1 IOS Press N-ary Relation Extraction for Simultaneous T-Box and A-Box Knowledge Base Augmentation Editor(s): Philipp Cimiano, Universität Bielefield, Germany Solicited review(s): Matthias …

Anaphoric Reference to Propositions
TN Snider – 2017 – search.proquest.com
Anaphoric Reference to Propositions. Abstract. Just as pronouns like she and he make anaphoric reference to individuals, English words like that and so can be used to refer anaphorically to a proposition introduced in a discourse: That’s true; She told me so …

The Formal Pragmatics of Non-at-Issue Intensification in English and Japanese
A Taniguchi – 2017 – search.proquest.com
… (16) : x. kim(x). This is called the discourse representation structure (DRS), and the idea is to add more. information more entities and more constraints to this as the discourse progresses. The top box is translatable as existential quantification (eg, 9x) and the bottom box as …

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