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Enriching Conference Participation Using Social Media at #macmla2013 C Schubert – 2014 – … The WordPress web analytics of the MAC Messages blog track how many people read the conference posts and how many responded Storify captured and archived the tweets sent to the #macmla2013 conference hashtag Tweet Archivist provided additional analytics … Related articles All 2 versions

Using NoSQL & HTML5 libraries to rapidly generate interactive web visualisations of high-volume spatiotemporal data J Harrison – 2013 – … Handling such large volumes and throughputs of data is a sizeable engineering challenge, however, and several commercial ventures (TweetReach, Tweet Archivist – many others) have sprung up specifically to deal with this complexity – at a cost. … Cited by 1 All 4 versions

A semantic Vector Space Model approach for sentiment analysis V Dixit, A Saroliya – … 4.1.1 Twitter API As seen in the earlier chapter, we talk of Tweet Archivist, It is a service that lets users to search Twitter for Tweets by sender, recipient, object of reference, or contents. … The tweet Archivist API enables users to visualize the data collected in their archives [11]. … Related articles All 2 versions

Electronic Medical Record Integration and Controversy LA Carrabine – … NCHS data brief, no 111. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. [3] Tweet Archivist. (2013). [Software]. Available from: [4] Thomson Reuters. (2013). Web of Knowledge: Web of Science (v.5.9) [Software]. … Related articles

Fragments of us, fragments of them: social media, nationality and US perceptions of the 2014 FIFA World Cup AC Billings, LM Burch, MH Zimmerman – Soccer & Society, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … Specifically, the software Tweet Archivist was employed to gather data on the specific match days. Tweet Archivist is analytics software allowing users to capture and download tweets into a database through the use of a term, hashtag or query. …

Increasing Access in 140 Characters or Less: Or, What Are Archival Institutions Doing on Twitter? A Kriesberg – American Archivist, 2014 – Page 1. adam Kriesberg 534 the american archivist Vol. 77, No. 2 fall/winter 2014 534–557 Increasing Access in 140 Characters or Less: Or, What Are Archival Institutions Doing on Twitter? adam Kriesberg ABSTRACT Archival …

TWORPUS–An Easy-to-Use Tool for the Creation of Tailored Twitter Corpora A Bazo, M Burghardt, C Wolff – … Processing and Knowledge in the Web, 2013 – Springer … current tweets that contain certain hashtags (eg TweetTag9) or that match certain words, phrases or queries (eg Tweet- Archivist10). … and upcoming tweets (continuous searches for selected queries each hour), the total corpus size is limited to 50.000 items (TweetArchivist) or a … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Analyzing the impact of social media on social movements: A computational study on Twitter and the Occupy Wall Street movement L Tan, S Ponnam, P Gillham… – Advances in Social …, 2013 – … circled the world,” 2011. [Online]. Available: 10/17/us-wallstreet-protests-social-idUSTRE79G6E420111017l [14] Tweet Archivist, 2011. [Online]. Available: http://archivist. [15] Twitter … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

The social biology professor: Effective strategies for social media engagement SM Bertram, M Katti – Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, 2013 – … 2012). If you incorporate Twitter into your teaching, you will want to create a permanent Twitter archive (Tweet Archivist tracks specified hashtags http://www.tweet This will allow you to go back and review tweets. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

The Use of Social Media in Public Transit Systems: The Case of the Gautrain, Gauteng Province, South Africa: Analysis and Lessons Learnt W Musakwa – … analysis on focuses on current data (March 2014) as it does not allow historical analysis. … Analysis on tweet archivist for the same period also highlighted common key words such as load shedding and power outage, which coincides with a peak on activity on … Related articles

Twitter Response to the United States Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations against Screening with Prostate Specific Antigen V Prabhu, T Lee, S Loeb, JH Holmes, HT Gold… – BJU …, 2014 – Wiley Online Library … We used the program Tweet Archivist ( to record all publicly searchable tweets using the query “prostate cancer,” during two distinct periods: 1) the 24 hour period following the first appearance of an article about the USPSTF’s draft (October 2011 … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

The twitter citizen: contributing to civil society discussion or adding to the noise? B Bergie – 2013 – … This effort can be aided by open-source solutions, such as Tweet Archivist (http://www., which is a commercial Twitter data provider that allows customers to subscribe to and build an archive of tweets based on a keyword, hashtag, or phrase. … Related articles All 2 versions

Towards Building User Affect Models from Tweets: a comparative study with various datasets, features and algorithms Y Gaspar, L Macedo – … sadness, and #surprisel. For that purpose, they supplied the online service Tweet Archivist4 with the six hashtag queries, corresponding to the six basic emotions, and were able to collect about 50,000 tweets. After some data … Related articles

Twitter Use During a Weather Event: Comparing Content Associated with Localized and Nonlocalized Hashtags KA Lachlan, PR Spence, X Lin, KM Najarian… – Communication …, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … Communication Quarterly . View all references) were replicated with the methods extended to examine the use of multiple hashtag searches. TweetArchivist ( was used to collect tweets at exact time points, using the search terms #nemo and #bosnow. …

Screaming into the Wind: Examining the Volume and Content of Tweets Associated with Hurricane Sandy KA Lachlan, PR Spence, X Lin… – Communication …, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … Level 1 Analyses. In order to address the research questions in the current study, Tweets were collected using TweetArchivist (, a Web-based program that allows users to search for tweets by hashtag, location, or keyword. …

Capture All the URLs: First Steps in Web Archiving A Antracoli, S Duckworth, J Silva… – … Libraries: Research & …, 2014 – … Other proprietary tools address specific, niche needs. Tweet Archivist Desktop, for example, is a Windows application that collects data from Twitter searches. Page 5. Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice Capture All the URLs Vol. 2, No. …

Expressions of risk awareness and concern through Twitter: On the utility of using the medium as an indication of audience needs KA Lachlan, PR Spence, X Lin – Computers in Human Behavior, 2014 – Elsevier … 2. Methods. 2.1. Data collection. Hurricane Sandy served as the backdrop to the current study. Tweets were harvested using TweetArchivist (, a software program that allows users to compile recent tweets using numerous search criteria. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Online parliamentary election campaigns in Scotland: a decade of research. G Baxter, R Marcella – … & Open Government, Volume 5 Number 2., 2013 – … While there are a number of online sites and packages designed to archive and analyse social media traffic (eg, Tweetdoc at, and Tweet Archivist at, none has yet been found that meets the specific needs of this research. … Related articles

Interactive interfaces for complex network analysis: An information credibility perspective J Schaffer, B Kang, T Hollerer, H Liu… – Pervasive …, 2013 – … 35–42. [Online]. Available: [14] T. Archivist, “Tweet archivist website,” Accessed January 7, 2013. [Online]. Available: \url{http://www.tweetarchivist. com/} [15] M. Mapp, “Mention mapp,” Accessed January 7, 2013. [Online]. … Related articles All 7 versions

Refresh. Create. Inspire. The Mission, Vision and Values Behind The Coca-Cola Company and the Digital Marketing Strategies of the” Open Happiness” Campaign S Svendsen – 2013 – Page 1. Refresh. Create. Inspire: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Mission, Vision and Values Behind The Coca-Cola Company and the Digital Marketing Strategies of the “Open Happiness” Campaign _____ … Related articles

Using bibliometric and social media analyses to explore the “Echo Chamber” hypothesis D Goldie, M Linick, H Jabbar, C Lubienski – Educational Policy, 2014 – … name, and coalition affiliation. As all “tweets” are public, we were able to use a program called Tweet Archivist ( to gather this information and collected over 25,000 tweets. This archive held every tweet … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

Do Online Election Campaigns Sway the Vote? A Study of the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Election G Baxter, R Marcella – Libri, 2013 – … traffic continues to grow (eg, Tweetdoc at www., and Tweet Archivist at www.tweetarchivist. com), none has yet been found that meets the specific needs of this type of research. With this in mind, the sim- ple copy … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

Emergent social network communities: hashtags, knowledge building, and communities of practice KC Ford – 2013 – … The raw text of the tweets was collected through the third party web service Tweet Archivist ( Tweet Archivist uses the Twitter application programming interface (API) to retrieve tweets that fit defined parameters and save them in a text archive. … Related articles

#SharingIsCaring: An Exploratory Study of Content of Tweets, Situation of Tweeting and Motivations to Use Twitter while Watching Television Series LI Skibbe – 2013 – Page 1. Master Thesis 30 hp (Vårterminen 2013) Submitted May 27th 2013 By Linda Isabelle Skibbe Supervisor: Sven Ross #SharingIsCaring: An Exploratory Study of Content of Tweets, Situation of Tweeting and Motivations to Use Twitter while Watching Television Series … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Valuing Twitter: Organizational and individual representations at CNN International J Cleary, E al Nashmi, T Bloom, M North – Digital Journalism, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … The researchers used the online social media tracking site Tweet Archivist (http://www. to capture individual Twitter feeds for Christiane Amanpour (@camanpour), Richard Quest (@richardquest), and Becky Anderson (@BeckyCNN). …

Occupy Oakland and #oo: Uses of Twitter within the Occupy movement S Croeser, T Highfield – First Monday, 2014 – … 421–451. doi:, accessed 25 February 2014. Tweet Archivist, 2013. “Tweet Archivist: Desktop version,” at http://www.tweetarchivist. com/archivist-desktop/, accessed 9 August 2013. N. Wolf, 2011. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 11 versions

Marketing Narratives: Researching Digital Data, Design and the In/Visible Consumer M Hardey – Big Data?: Qualitative Approaches to Digital …, 2014 – … Tools and open APIs, such as Nodexl from Microsoft, allow users to map a network of influence without expert knowledge of computer coding. Other tools, such as TweetArchivist, enable researchers to download tweets by usernames. … Cited by 1

Twituational awareness: gaining situational awareness via crowdsourced #disaster epidemiology DT Cain – 2013 – DTIC Document Page 1. NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited TWITUATIONAL AWARENESS: GAINING SITUATIONAL AWARENESS VIA CROWDSOURCED #DISASTER EPIDEMIOLOGY by … Related articles All 5 versions

CRM to social CRM: the integration of new technologies into customer relationship management MM Choudhury, P Harrigan – Journal of Strategic Marketing, 2014 – Taylor & Francis Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions

Uncovering customer service experiences with Twitter: the case of airline industry F Misopoulos, M Mitic, A Kapoulas… – Management …, 2014 – … The data collection process started with using search applications to identify and record the Tweets containing the names of the four airline companies. We used a free online service “Archivist” ( for identifying, archiving and exporting Tweets. … Cited by 2

The Structure and Characteristics of# PhDChat, an Emergent Online Social Network KC Ford, G Veletsianos, P Resta – Journal of Interactive Media in …, 2014 – … from the data pool. The raw text of the tweets was collected through the third party web service that was available at the time ( that enabled us to retrieve and archive tweets. The tweets collected … Related articles All 5 versions

Automatically identifying a software product’s quality attributes through sentiment analysis of tweets R Dehkharghani, C Yilmaz – Natural Language Analysis in …, 2013 – … A. Data Sets We downloaded about 2000 tweets for each of the following topics from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, which are the last three Windows products and also three important features of last Windows product: Security, Internet … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

Nowcasting the Bitcoin Market with Twitter Signals J Kaminski, P Gloor – arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.7577, 2014 – … In the following, Figure 1, 2 and 3 visualize the data collection results: 4http://tweetarchivist. com 5N=104 6Together, BitStamp (34%), Bitfinex (26%), BTC-e (16%) and BTC China (10%) account for about 86% of the overall Bitcoin market volume. Cf. …

Jetfighter Down! Predicting Opinions With Twitter And The Role Of Social Media In Turkey Within Context Of Attribute Agenda- … Ç AYTEKIN, T KARA, E AKYAZI, NE DILMEN… – … For this purpose, “The Archivist” software ( was used. The posts in which the keywords/phrases exist were classified into nineteen categories. … 13, 2012) [Accessed June 30, 2012]. …

Sentimental causal rule discovery from Twitter R Dehkharghani, H Mercan, A Javeed… – Expert Systems with …, 2014 – Elsevier Social media, especially Twitter is now one of the most popular platforms where people can freely express their opinion. However, it is difficult to extract imp. Related articles

Standards, Software Interface Modules and APIs for inter-platform communication in Web 2.0 Social Media E Kanoulas, A Androutsopoulou, L Spiliotopoulou… – 2012 – Page 1. Page 1 of 87 ICT Seventh Framework Programme (ICT FP7) Grant Agreement No: 288513 Policy Formulation and Validation through non Moderated Crowdsourcing D2.3 Standards, Software Interface Modules and APIs for … Related articles

Political Protest 2.0: Social Media and the 2012 Student Strike in the Province of Quebec, Canada V Raynauld, M Lalancette… – APSA 2014 Annual …, 2014 – … political in nature. 9 More details in the results section of this paper. 10 Page 11. 11 Fig. 1 Percentage of #ggi tweets with at least one hyperlink during the 2012 Quebec student The quantitative …

ICN Baseline Scenarios and Evaluation Methodology E Davies, G Tyson, B Ohlman, P Mahadevan, D Gellert… – 2013 – … follower graphs. Sources include: http://twapperkeeper. com/ http://socialcomputing. Pentikousis, et al. Expires January … All 2 versions

Public digital media and democracy: constructing instruments for measuring expressions of support for democracy on Twitter BF Lutz – 2013 – Page 1. Public Digital Media and Democracy Constructing Instruments for Measuring Expressions of Support for Democracy on Twitter by Barend Frederik Lutz Thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

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