100 Best Agisoft PhotoScan Videos


Agisoft PhotoScan is a professional software for creating 3D models and maps from 2D images. It is a photogrammetry software that uses the concept of structure from motion (SfM) to analyze and process overlapping photographs of a scene, and generate a 3D model or map of the scene. It is primarily used in fields such as surveying, architecture, and cultural heritage, as well as in film and game production, and drone mapping.

The software allows users to import multiple images, align them, build a dense point cloud, generate a digital surface model or 3D model, and export the results in various formats. It also includes tools for georeferencing, camera calibration, and quality assessment. Additionally, Agisoft PhotoScan offers a feature of automatic camera position and orientation determination for object measurements and 3D modeling.

Agisoft PhotoScan is available in two versions: Standard and Pro. The Pro version offers advanced features such as network processing and batch processing, as well as support for additional file formats, and a larger number of images per project.


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