100 Best Amazon Sumerian Concierge Videos


Amazon Sumerian Concierge Experience is a virtual reality (VR) demo that is designed to showcase the capabilities of Amazon Sumerian, a platform for building and hosting VR and augmented reality (AR) applications. The demo features a virtual concierge, Cristine, who is a humanoid host created using Amazon Sumerian.

The Amazon Sumerian Concierge Experience is a personalized and interactive demo that allows users to explore and experience Amazon Sumerian in VR. When users enter the demo, they are greeted by Cristine, who introduces them to the Sumerian team and provides an overview of the platform and its features. Users can then interact with Cristine and ask her questions about Amazon Sumerian, such as how it works, what it is used for, and what kinds of applications can be built with it.

Cristine is a virtual human that is designed to be lifelike and engaging. She is able to respond to users’ questions and comments in real time, using natural language processing and automatic speech recognition. She can also show users different parts of the Sumerian platform, such as the editor, the asset library, and the code editor, and she can demonstrate how these tools can be used to create and customize VR and AR applications.



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