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ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) is a parser generator, a tool that automatically produces a parser from a grammar specification. ANTLR takes a grammar as input and generates a parser that can recognize the language described by the grammar. The parser is typically used to build and walk parse trees, which are data structures that represent the structure of the input text according to the rules of the grammar.

The use of a parser generator like ANTLR can simplify the process of building a parser, because it automates the generation of much of the code that would otherwise need to be written manually. This can save time and effort, and can also reduce the likelihood of errors in the parser.

ANTLR is widely used in many different fields, including natural language processing, software engineering, and bioinformatics. It is a powerful tool for building parsers for complex languages, and is often used in combination with other tools and technologies, such as interpreter generators and tree-walk interpreters.

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