100 Best AutoDialer Videos


An autodialer is a computer program or system that is used to automatically dial telephone numbers and connect the calls to a live operator or prerecorded message. Autodialers are often used in telemarketing and other forms of automated telecommunication, such as political campaigns, surveys, and customer service.

There are several different types of autodialers, including predictive dialers, which use algorithms to predict when an operator will be available to take a call, and progressive dialers, which dial numbers sequentially and connect the call to the next available operator.

Autodialers are used for a variety of purposes, including lead generation, appointment setting, market research, and customer support. They can be particularly useful for businesses that need to make a large number of calls in a short period of time, as they can significantly speed up the process of connecting with potential customers or clients.

However, autodialers can also be controversial, as they can be used to make unwanted or unsolicited calls, which can be annoying or intrusive for some people. As a result, there are often regulations in place that govern the use of autodialers and require companies to obtain consent before using them to contact individuals.



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