100 Best Behavior Tree Videos


Behavior trees (behaviour trees) are a type of artificial intelligence used in computer games and other interactive systems to control the behavior of non-player characters (NPCs) and other autonomous agents. They are called “trees” because they are organized as a hierarchy of nodes, with the root node representing the overall goal of the NPC and the leaf nodes representing the specific actions that the NPC can take.

Behavior trees are used to specify the sequences of actions that an NPC should take in response to different stimuli. For example, an NPC might have a behavior tree that specifies the following behaviors:

  • If the NPC is hungry, go to the kitchen and find food
  • If the NPC sees an enemy, attack them
  • If the NPC is injured, find a health pack

Behavior trees are useful because they allow developers to specify the behavior of NPCs in a clear, hierarchical way, and they can be easily modified and expanded upon as needed. They are often used in conjunction with other AI techniques, such as decision trees and state machines, to create more sophisticated and realistic NPC behavior.




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