100 Best Blender Export Videos


To export a virtual human from Blender, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Blender project that contains the virtual human that you want to export.
  2. In the 3D viewport, select the virtual human model by clicking on it.
  3. In the Object menu at the top of the screen, select the Export option.
  4. In the Export dialog box, choose the file format that you want to use for the export. Some common options include OBJ, FBX, or GLTF.
  5. In the Export dialog box, specify the location where you want to save the exported file, and give the file a name.
  6. Click the Export button to begin the export process.
  7. Once the export is complete, you will have a file containing your virtual human model, which you can use in other applications or platforms.

Note: Depending on the file format and the complexity of the virtual human model, the export process may take some time to complete. It is important to be patient and allow the export to finish before closing the Blender application or interrupting the export process.

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