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CereProc is a speech synthesis company that was founded in 2005 and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company specializes in the development of speech synthesis software and technologies, which are used to generate human-like speech from text input. CereProc’s software is used in a variety of applications, including text-to-speech systems for people with speech impairments, voice assistants and virtual assistants, and speech recognition systems.

CereProc’s speech synthesis software is known for its high-quality and natural-sounding voice output, which is achieved through the use of advanced text-to-speech technologies and techniques such as formant synthesis and concatenative synthesis. The company has developed a number of different voices for use in its software, including voices in a variety of languages and accents.

In addition to its core speech synthesis software business, CereProc also provides custom voice development services for clients who need specialized voices for specific applications or projects. The company has worked with a range of clients in different industries, including education, healthcare, and entertainment.


  • cereproc.com ..  advanced text to speech technology
  • nutbot.net .. fun simulations that allow you to chat to well known figures from the past
  • plotagon.com .. turn your story into a movie



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