100 Best Cortana Easter Egg Videos


An Easter egg is a hidden feature, message, or image that is intentionally included in a piece of software, media, or other work as a joke or reference. Easter eggs are often included as a way for the creators of the work to inject some humor or personality into the product, or to pay tribute to other works or people that they admire.

Easter eggs can take many forms, including hidden messages or images that can be accessed by performing specific actions or entering specific commands, secret features or functions that are not mentioned in the documentation or user interface of the product, and references to other works or inside jokes that are intended to be understood only by a small group of people.

Easter eggs are often discovered by users or fans of a work who are exploring the product in detail and looking for hidden features or references. Some Easter eggs are well-known and widely documented, while others remain secret and may be discovered by only a few people.

Easter eggs are commonly found in software, video games, movies, and other media, but can also be included in other types of works such as books, music, and artwork.

Easter eggs can be used in dialog systems to add some personality and humor to the interactions with users. For example, a chatbot or virtual assistant might include Easter eggs in its responses to specific user input, such as responses to specific commands or references to popular culture. Easter eggs can also be used to provide a more engaging and enjoyable user experience by adding some surprise and variety to the dialog.

For example, a chatbot might be programmed to include an Easter egg response to the input “Do you like Star Wars?” by returning a response that references a specific character or scene from the Star Wars movies. This can add some levity to the conversation and provide an opportunity for the chatbot to show some personality.

Easter eggs can be included in dialog systems in a number of ways. They can be triggered by specific user input, such as specific commands or keywords, or they can be randomly generated and inserted into the conversation at certain intervals. The specific implementation of Easter eggs in a dialog system will depend on the goals and design of the system.


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