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Cortical.io is a company that holds a broad general license for Numenta’s HTM technology. This means that Cortical.io has the right to use and incorporate HTM algorithms into its products and services. Cortical.io offers a range of products and services that use HTM technology, including natural language processing tools, machine learning platforms, and data analysis tools.

  • Retina API is a software interface that allows developers to access and interact with the capabilities of a Retina engine. A Retina API typically provides a set of methods or functions that can be called by an application to perform a specific task, such as classifying text or extracting structured data from unstructured text.
  • Retina engine is a software component that performs tasks such as pattern recognition, classification, and data analysis. Retina engines are often used in natural language processing (NLP) applications, and they are typically based on machine learning algorithms that can learn and adapt over time.
  • Sparse-distributed representation (SDR) is a type of representation used in artificial neural networks to represent data in a way that is both efficient and robust. In an SDR, data is represented as a sparse set of binary values, with each value representing the presence or absence of a particular feature or attribute. SDRs are often used in machine learning algorithms that are designed to process and analyze large datasets, as they are able to capture complex patterns and relationships while requiring relatively little storage space.


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