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Creative Virtual is a company that provides self-service customer experience management solutions, including chatbot, virtual agent, and live chat solutions. The company is based in London, UK, and has offices in the US and India. Creative Virtual was founded in 1994 and has been recognized as a leader in conversational AI.

National Rail Enquiries’ Ask Lisa is a chatbot developed by Creative Virtual and their partners The Virtual Zone that is designed to answer questions about passenger rail services. Ask Lisa is able to handle a large volume of inquiries, answering over 9,000 questions per day. It is intended to provide passengers with a convenient way to get information about rail services, such as train schedules, ticket prices, and travel advice.

Creative Virtual has developed automated online assistants for Lloyds Banking Group and Verizon. The chatbot for Lloyds Banking Group, called Ask Lloyds, is designed to provide customers with quick and easy access to information about their accounts, transactions, and other banking services. The chatbot for Verizon, called Ask Verizon, was developed in partnership with AlterEgos (alteregos.com) and is intended to assist customers with a wide range of inquiries, such as billing, technical support, and account management. Verizon has reported that the implementation of Ask Verizon has resulted in a call deflection rate of up to 40%, meaning that the chatbot is able to handle a significant number of customer inquiries without the need for human intervention.



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