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Data scraping is the process of automatically extracting data from a website or other online source. This technique is often used by businesses and organizations to gather large amounts of data from the web, such as product prices, customer reviews, or market trends.

Data scraping is useful for a variety of purposes. For example, a business might use data scraping to monitor the prices of its competitors, or to gather customer feedback and reviews from online marketplaces. Data scraping can also be used by market research firms to collect data on consumer preferences and trends, or by media organizations to track and analyze news and social media feeds.

Data scraping is typically performed using specialized software tools, which are designed to navigate web pages and extract specific data elements from the page content. These tools often use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to identify and extract relevant data from web pages, even when the data is not clearly labeled or structured.

A data scraper is a tool or piece of software that is used to extract data from a website or other online source. Data scrapers are often used to collect large amounts of data from the internet and can be useful for tasks such as data mining, web development, and data analysis.

Excel macros can be used for data scraping in several ways. One approach is to use the Macro Recorder in Excel to record the steps of manually copying and pasting data from a website into an Excel spreadsheet. This creates a macro that can be run repeatedly to scrape data from the same website.

Another approach is to use VBA code to programmatically scrape data from a website using Excel. This can involve using VBA functions and methods such as the “WebRequest” and “WebClient” functions to download HTML data from a website, and the “HTMLDocument” object to parse and extract specific data elements from the HTML.

Excel macros can be a useful tool for data scraping, particularly if the data you want to scrape is structured and located in a predictable way on the website. However, they may not be suitable for scraping data from more complex or dynamic websites that require more advanced techniques to access and extract data.


  • agenty.com .. cloud hosted data scraping tool
  • import.io .. enterprise web data extraction and analysis
  • paighambot.com .. accurately gather data from search engines in any industry or niche
  • tabula.technology .. free tool for extracting data from pdf files
  • webharvy.com .. visual web scraper which can be used to easily extract data


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