100 Best Discord Selfbot Videos


Discord is a communication platform designed primarily for creating communities. It offers voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files sharing in private chats or as part of communities known as “servers”. Servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels, and can be created by any user for free. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

Bots on Discord are user-created programs that can perform a variety of automated tasks. They can manage server features, interact with users through predefined scripts, perform administrative tasks, play music, post updates, gather information, and much more. They often help to improve or moderate a server, and can add a layer of interactivity to the experience.

However, selfbots on Discord are a specific type of bot that runs under a user account. Instead of having a separate account, like most bots, a selfbot performs actions as if it were the user themselves. They can perform automated tasks, respond to events, and interact with the Discord API.

While selfbots can offer a range of functionalities such as bulk deleting messages or responding to certain events, they can also be misused for spamming, raiding, or other disruptive behaviors. This is why selfbots are generally against Discord’s Terms of Service. Some developers and users might create and use them for personal use or experimentation, but their use can lead to the associated account getting banned.

Despite this, there is still a significant community interested in selfbots, as seen in the various selfbot projects on platforms like GitHub, and discussions in places like Reddit and other forums. However, it’s important to remember that the creation and usage of such bots can have serious consequences if they violate Discord’s policies.


  • ethone.cc .. a selfbot designed for use on discord


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