100 Best Facade Interactive Story Videos


Façade is an interactive drama and artificial intelligence-based video game developed by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern. It was released in 2005 and is considered one of the early examples of interactive storytelling in video games. The game is set in a 3D apartment, where the player is invited to visit two characters, Trip and Grace, who are having relationship problems. The player can interact with the characters by talking to them, asking questions, and making choices that affect the course of the story. The game uses natural language processing technology to understand the player’s input and respond appropriately. Façade was designed to explore the potential of interactive storytelling and AI-based characters, and it has been praised for its innovative use of technology and its engaging narrative.

Interactive drama is a type of video game or other interactive media that combines elements of storytelling and gameplay to create a more immersive and interactive experience for the player. It often involves a branching narrative, in which the player’s choices and actions have an impact on the plot and characters of the story. Interactive drama can take many different forms, from text-based adventure games to more complex 3D environments with fully voiced characters and complex branching storylines. Some examples of interactive drama include games like Façade, The Walking Dead, and Life is Strange. Interactive dramas are often designed to be more story-driven than traditional video games, and they often focus on character development, moral dilemmas, and other elements of traditional storytelling.


  • arfacade .. augmented reality version of the acclaimed desktop-based interactive drama
  • interactivestory.net .. award-winning ai-based interactive conversation game
  • playabl.ai .. conversational agents that access knowledge
  • playablstudios.com .. vr/ar, ai voice, unity expert developers
  • terminaltime.com .. history engine combining participation, graphics and ai



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