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FaceGen is a software tool that is designed to create realistic 3D faces from photos. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and 3D modeling techniques to generate 3D models of faces that look very similar to the original photos.

To use FaceGen, you simply need to provide a photo of a face as input, and the software will generate a 3D model of the face based on that photo. You can then customize the 3D model by adjusting various facial features, such as the shape of the nose, the size of the lips, or the shape of the eyes.

FaceGen is often used in the entertainment industry, for tasks such as creating 3D models of actors or characters for movies or video games. It is also used in other fields, such as forensics and security, where it can be used to generate 3D models of faces for identification or facial recognition purposes.


  • facegen.com .. create realistic 3d faces from photos

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