100 Best Faceware Videos


Facewaretech is a company that specializes in marker-less facial motion capture technology. Marker-less facial motion capture involves using computer algorithms and sensors, such as cameras, to track and capture the movements of a person’s face without the use of physical markers or other external devices. This allows for more natural and realistic capture of facial movements, and makes it possible to capture the subtle and intricate details of a person’s facial expressions and gestures.

Facewaretech offers a range of products and services that are based on marker-less facial motion capture technology. This includes software and hardware solutions for capturing and analyzing facial movements, as well as tools for integrating the captured data into various applications, such as video games, animation, and virtual reality. The company also offers training and support services to help customers get the most out of their motion capture systems.

Overall, Facewaretech is a leading provider of marker-less facial motion capture technology, and is known for its high-quality products and expertise in this field. By using this technology, customers are able to capture more realistic and detailed facial movements, which can be used to create more immersive and engaging experiences in a variety of applications.



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