100 Best Google ARCore Videos


Google ARCore is a software development kit (SDK) developed by Google that allows for augmented reality applications to be built. It allows for the creation of AR experiences that can be used on a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. ARCore uses a combination of the device’s camera, motion sensors, and other hardware to detect the environment and place virtual objects in the real world. It also includes a software framework that developers can use to build AR applications, as well as tools for testing and debugging the applications they create. ARCore was designed to be used in conjunction with other Google products and technologies, such as Google Maps, to create immersive and interactive AR experiences.

Virtual humans, or digital avatars, can be used in Google ARCore to create interactive and immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences. With ARCore, developers can create digital avatars that can be placed in the real world and interact with users through the device’s camera and other sensors. This can be used to create a wide range of applications, such as virtual assistants, language translation services, or even virtual games and experiences.

One way that virtual humans can be used in ARCore is by creating a virtual assistant that can answer questions and provide information to users in real-time. This could be done through the use of natural language processing and artificial intelligence to understand and respond to user inquiries.

Another way that virtual humans could be used in ARCore is by creating virtual experiences or games that allow users to interact with digital avatars in the real world. For example, a virtual escape room game could use ARCore to place users in a virtual environment and have them solve puzzles and interact with virtual characters in order to escape.



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