100 Best Kong API Gateway Videos


Kong Gateway is a popular open-source API gateway that is used by many organizations around the world. It is designed to help developers and companies manage and secure their APIs, and has a range of features and capabilities that make it a powerful tool for this purpose. However, it is difficult to accurately determine whether Kong Gateway is the “most adopted” API gateway in the world, as there are many other API gateways available and in use by various organizations, and it is not possible to accurately track the adoption or usage of all of these tools.

API gateways are software tools that are used to manage and secure APIs (application programming interfaces). They are typically used to handle tasks such as authentication, rate limiting, traffic management, and other tasks that are related to the operation of APIs. Kong Gateway is one of several popular open-source API gateways that is available for developers to use. It is known for its flexibility and scalability, and has a range of features and capabilities that make it useful for a variety of API management tasks.


  • getkong.org .. open-source api management and microservice management
  • konghq.com .. popular open source microservice api gateway
  • swagger.io .. aides in development across the entire api lifecycle



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