100 Best LabVIEW Voice Control Videos


LabVIEW is primarily used in the engineering and scientific fields for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation. It allows users to create graphical representations of their code, called “virtual instruments,” which can be used to control and acquire data from hardware devices and sensors. LabVIEW is often used in conjunction with other software and hardware tools, such as data acquisition devices, PLCs, and programmable logic controllers, to create complete measurement and control systems. It is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly and easily design, develop, and deploy complex systems for a wide variety of applications.

Voice control in LabVIEW is used to control a system or device using voice commands. This can be done using speech recognition software, which is used to convert spoken words into text that can be processed by the system. In LabVIEW, voice control can be implemented using tools such as the Windows Speech Recognition toolkit or third-party speech recognition libraries. The system can then use the recognized text to trigger certain actions or events, such as moving a robotic arm or controlling a device.

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