100 Best MATLAB Neural Network Videos


MATLAB is a programming language and software environment that is often used for scientific computing and engineering applications. It includes a variety of tools and functions that can be used to design, implement, and analyze neural networks.

There are several ways that MATLAB can be used with neural networks:

  1. Neural Network Toolbox: MATLAB includes a toolbox specifically designed for working with neural networks, called the Neural Network Toolbox. This toolbox provides functions for creating, training, and simulating feedforward, radial basis, and dynamic neural networks.
  2. Deep Learning Toolbox: MATLAB also includes a toolbox for deep learning, called the Deep Learning Toolbox. This toolbox provides functions for creating and training deep neural networks using a variety of techniques, including convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and long short-term memory (LSTM) networks.
  3. Custom Neural Networks: In addition to the built-in neural network functions, MATLAB allows users to create custom neural networks using the programming language. This allows users to implement their own neural network architectures and algorithms, or to modify and extend the built-in functions to fit their specific needs.

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