100 Best Microformat Videos


Microformats are a type of semantic markup that are used to add additional metadata to HTML or XHTML documents. Semantic markup refers to the use of specific tags or attributes in a document to indicate the meaning or purpose of the content, rather than just its presentation or layout.

Microformats are designed to be simple and easy to use, and they rely on existing HTML or XHTML tags to encode the additional metadata. For example, the hCard microformat can be used to mark up contact information, such as a person’s name, phone number, and address, in an HTML document. The hCalendar microformat can be used to mark up events, such as conferences or meetings, in a similar way.

Microformats are used to provide additional context and meaning to web content, which can make it easier for search engines and other applications to understand and process the content. They can also be used to enhance the usability of web content by making it easier for users to interact with or access certain types of information, such as contact details or event listings.



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