100 Best Microservices Orchestration Videos


Microservices orchestration is the process of managing the interactions and dependencies between different microservices in a distributed system. Microservices are small, independent units of software that are designed to perform a specific task or service, and are often used to build complex systems by combining multiple microservices together.

Microservices orchestration involves coordinating the interactions between the different microservices in a system to ensure that they work together effectively and efficiently. This can involve managing the flow of data between the microservices, handling communication and messaging between the microservices, and handling failures and errors that may occur within the system.

In a dialog system, microservices orchestration could be used to manage the interactions between the different components of the system, such as the natural language processing module, the dialogue management module, and the database or external API connections. By using microservices orchestration, it is possible to build a dialog system that is highly modular, scalable, and flexible, and that can be easily maintained and updated over time.


  • camunda.com .. workflow and decision automation platform
  • zeebe.io .. workflow engine for microservices orchestration
  • zoho.com/catalyst .. serverless platform behind zoho applications



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