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Nina for Messaging is a virtual assistant platform developed by Nuance Communications. It is designed to enable businesses to create and deploy intelligent conversational interfaces for messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Nina for Messaging uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to user queries in real time. It is capable of engaging in conversations with users, providing answers to their questions, and helping them to complete tasks such as booking a flight or making a purchase.

One of the key features of Nina for Messaging is its ability to interact with other chatbots. This means that businesses can use Nina for Messaging to create virtual assistants that can communicate with chatbots from other companies, allowing users to easily access a wide range of information and services through a single conversational interface.

Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost airline based in Melbourne, Victoria. In 2012, the airline used Nina Web, a virtual assistant software developed by Nuance Communications, to create a virtual assistant called Ask Jess.

Ask Jess was designed to provide Jetstar customers with quick and easy access to information about the airline’s services and policies. The virtual assistant was integrated into Jetstar’s website, allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in real time. For example, users could ask Ask Jess about flight schedules, ticket prices, baggage policies, or other information related to their travel plans.

Nina Web is a natural language processing platform that enables businesses to create virtual assistants that can understand and respond to user queries in real time. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user input and generate appropriate responses, and can be integrated into a wide range of applications and platforms, including web, mobile, and social media.

By using Nina Web to create Ask Jess, Jetstar was able to provide its customers with an intuitive and convenient way to access information about the airline’s services. The virtual assistant was able to handle a wide range of user queries, and could provide fast and accurate answers to help customers make informed decisions about their travel plans.


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