100 Best Pepper’s Ghost Videos


Pepper’s Ghost is a technique that is used to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object or scene in a two-dimensional space. It involves reflecting a real or virtual object onto a transparent surface, such as a sheet of glass or a clear plastic screen, which is angled so that it is invisible to the viewer from certain angles. From the viewer’s perspective, it appears as if the object is floating in the air, creating a three-dimensional illusion.

Pepper’s Ghost is often used in entertainment and exhibits to create the illusion of ghosts, holograms, or other virtual objects. However, it is not a true hologram, which is a three-dimensional image that is created using interference patterns of light. Pepper’s Ghost relies on reflection and optical illusion to create the appearance of a three-dimensional object, rather than using the principles of holography. Therefore, while Pepper’s Ghost can create a convincing illusion of a three-dimensional object, it is not a true hologram.



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