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AIScript is a programming language that was developed by Benji Adams, also known as “The Professor,” for use in chatbots and virtual assistants. AIScript is specifically designed for creating and programming chatbots, and is used by PersonalityForge, a platform for building and hosting chatbots.

AIScript is a high-level, easy-to-learn programming language that is designed to be used by developers of all skill levels. It includes a range of features and tools for building chatbots, including support for natural language processing, decision trees, and user input parsing. AIScript is also designed to be extensible, allowing developers to add new functionality and features to their chatbots.

In addition to its use in chatbots, AIScript can also be used to create other types of interactive applications, such as virtual assistants, educational software, and other types of interactive content. Overall, AIScript is a powerful and flexible programming language that is well-suited for building chatbots and other types of interactive applications.


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