100 Best Pivot Table Introduction Videos


A pivot table is a tool in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, that allows users to quickly and easily summarize and analyze large amounts of data. A pivot table can automatically sort, count, total, or average the data in one table or spreadsheet, and display the results in a second table that shows the summarized data. This can be useful for tasks like data analysis, where it is important to quickly and easily understand the key trends and patterns in the data.

Pivot tables are typically used to summarize and analyze large datasets, such as those that are commonly found in business or financial applications. They can be useful for tasks like identifying trends, calculating averages or totals, or finding patterns in the data. Pivot tables can be customized to show the data in a variety of different ways, allowing users to explore the data from different perspectives and gain insights that would not be possible with other tools.


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