100 Best Postman REST Client Videos


Postman is a software tool that is used to test and develop APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It is a REST (Representational State Transfer) client, which means that it is designed to interact with RESTful APIs, which are a common type of web API that follows the REST architectural style.

Postman provides a range of features and tools for testing and developing APIs, including a visual interface for making API requests, support for a variety of request methods (such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), the ability to save and organize requests, and support for testing and debugging API responses. It also includes tools for working with API documentation and for collaboration with other developers.

Postman is often used by developers and testers to test and debug APIs, to verify that they are functioning correctly and returning the expected results. It is also used to develop and document APIs, by providing a way to easily make requests and see the responses from the API.


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