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SAP Conversational AI is an end-to-end bot building platform that allows businesses to create and deploy powerful conversational AI interfaces for a variety of tasks and applications. SAP Conversational AI is part of SAP’s suite of AI and machine learning tools, and it is designed to make it easy for businesses to build and deploy conversational AI solutions without the need for specialized technical expertise.

With SAP Conversational AI, businesses can create bots that can understand and respond to natural language inputs from users, such as text or speech. These bots can be integrated with a variety of platforms, such as messaging apps, websites, and customer service systems, to provide users with access to information and services.

SAP Conversational AI includes a range of features and tools that make it easy to build and customize bots, such as pre-built templates, a visual editor, and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. It also provides tools for training and managing bots, such as performance metrics and analytics, and a marketplace where businesses can share and discover bots and other AI solutions.

Overall, SAP Conversational AI is a powerful and flexible platform for building and deploying conversational AI solutions for business tasks. It provides an end-to-end solution that allows businesses to quickly and easily create and manage powerful AI interfaces.


  • cai.tools.sap .. sap conversational ai low code chatbot building platform
  • kore.ai .. chatbot platform built with the enterprise in mind



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