100 Best SecondLife Avatar Videos


In Second Life, avatars are created and customized by the users themselves. When a user creates an account in Second Life, they are given a basic avatar that they can then customize to their liking. This customization process can involve selecting the avatar’s appearance, such as skin tone, hair style, and clothing, as well as other physical features such as height, weight, and body proportions.

Users can also customize their avatar’s movements and gestures by using animations and poses, which can be purchased or created using tools provided by Second Life. Additionally, users can create and attach mesh objects to their avatar, such as clothing or accessories, using a process called rigging. Rigging involves creating a 3D model of the object and then attaching it to the avatar’s skeleton using joints and bones.

Project Bento is an update to the avatar skeleton in Second Life, a virtual world platform, that adds new bones to enable more lifelike movement and the creation of more intricate mesh attachments. The update also allows for greater customization and manipulation of avatars, including the ability to alter their shape. Project Bento has been received positively by the Second Life community and has been implemented in the platform since 2016.


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