100 Best Selenium Videos


Selenium is a free and open-source suite of tools for automated web testing. It provides a range of tools for testing web applications, including a playback tool for authoring tests without the need to learn a test scripting language.

The Selenium playback tool is a feature of the Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is a browser extension that allows users to record and edit tests in a simple, point-and-click interface. With the Selenium IDE, users can record their interactions with a web application and then replay those interactions to verify that the application is functioning correctly. The Selenium IDE also allows users to edit their tests and add additional test steps, such as assertions and verifications.

For example, a dialog system that is implemented as a chatbot on a website could potentially be tested using Selenium. The Selenium playback tool could be used to simulate user interactions with the chatbot, such as sending messages or clicking buttons, and then verify that the chatbot is providing appropriate responses. This could be useful for testing the functionality of the chatbot and ensuring that it is working correctly.


  • cucumber.io .. behavior driven development testing and collaboration tools


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