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Simulated Ape (formerly known as Noble Ape and Nervana) is an open-source artificial life simulation project that was launched in 1996 by Tom Barbalet, an Australian software developer. The project is designed to model the behaviors and interactions of virtual organisms in a simulated environment, and includes detailed models of the human brain and nervous system, as well as other biological systems such as the immune system and metabolism.

Users can create and customize their own virtual organisms in the Simulated Ape simulation, and observe how they interact with each other and their environment. The simulation includes a variety of scenarios, such as forests, deserts, and islands, and users can customize the environmental conditions to create different types of ecosystems.

Simulated Ape has been used for a variety of purposes, including educational and research applications. It has also inspired a number of other artificial life simulation projects. Despite the name change, Simulated Ape is the same project as Noble Ape and Nervana, and has been in continuous development since its launch in 1996.



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