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Social robotics refers to the field of robotics that focuses on the design and development of robots that can interact and communicate with humans in a social manner. These robots are typically designed to perform tasks that involve some form of social interaction, such as providing companionship, assisting with daily activities, or assisting with communication and socialization for people with disabilities.

Social robots can take various forms and shapes, ranging from humanoid robots that are designed to look and move like humans, to more specialized robots that are designed for specific tasks, such as providing therapy or education. They may be equipped with a variety of sensors and actuators that allow them to perceive and interact with their environment, as well as with humans.

Social robotics is an interdisciplinary field that draws from a wide range of disciplines, including computer science, engineering, psychology, and sociology. It is a rapidly growing field, with applications in a wide range of areas, including healthcare, education, entertainment, and social welfare.

A social bot is a type of software application that is designed to simulate human-like social behavior and interactions with users through social media platforms or messaging apps. Social bots may be programmed to recognize and respond to user input, to communicate in natural language, or to perform tasks or activities that are relevant to the users’ interests or needs. They may be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, customer service, entertainment, or research.

A social robot is a type of robot that is designed to interact with humans in a social or personal manner, typically through the use of artificial intelligence, sensors, or other advanced technologies. Social robots may be used for a variety of purposes, such as education, therapy, entertainment, or research, and may be designed to exhibit a range of social behaviors, such as conversation, facial expressions, or gestures. Some social robots may be designed to be mobile and able to move and navigate in physical environments, while others may be stationary or limited in their movements.



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