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Speech Graphics is a software company that specializes in speech animation technology for use in the entertainment, gaming, and education industries. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Speech Graphics develops software tools and solutions for producing realistic and expressive facial animations in real-time. The company’s technology is used in a variety of applications, including video games, films, television, and educational content. Its software is designed to analyze audio data and automatically generate corresponding facial animations that mimic the movements of the human face during speech. The company’s products are used by developers, animators, and other professionals in the entertainment and education sectors to create more lifelike and engaging visual content.

  • Speech animation refers to the process of creating visual representations of speech in the form of facial or lip movements. This can be done through the use of computer graphics or traditional animation techniques. Speech animations are the resulting visual representations of speech that are created through this process.
  • Voice animation refers to the process of creating visual representations of a character’s voice in the form of facial or lip movements. This is similar to speech animation, but specifically refers to the visual representation of a character’s voice rather than speech in general.
  • Voice puppetry refers to the process of using a character’s voice to control the movements of a puppet or other object. This is typically done through the use of specialized software or hardware that allows the puppeteer to manipulate the movements of the puppet in real-time as they speak or sing. Voice puppetry is often used in the entertainment industry to create engaging and expressive visual content.



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