100 Best Unity3d HoloLens Videos


HoloLens is a mixed reality headset developed by Microsoft that allows users to see, hear, and interact with holograms in the real world. It can be used with the Unity game engine to create immersive mixed reality experiences that combine virtual elements with the real world.

To use HoloLens with Unity, developers can use the HoloLens development tools and plugins to create and deploy mixed reality applications. The Unity game engine provides a range of tools and features that can be used to create interactive 3D environments and objects, as well as to control and manipulate the virtual elements of the mixed reality experience.

Using HoloLens with Unity allows developers to create a wide range of mixed reality applications, including games, simulations, training and education applications, and more. It also allows developers to leverage the power and flexibility of the Unity game engine to create rich, immersive mixed reality experiences that can be experienced with the HoloLens headset.


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