100 Best Unity3d Player Videos


In a video game developed using the Unity game engine, player characters (also known as “PCs”) are characters that are controlled by the player or players, while non-player characters (NPCs) are characters that are controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Player characters are typically the main characters in a game, and the player or players are responsible for making decisions and taking actions on behalf of these characters. Player characters are usually the focus of the gameplay and story, and the player’s actions and choices can have a significant impact on the course of the game.

Non-player characters, on the other hand, are typically supporting characters that are not directly controlled by the player. They may have their own AI-controlled behaviors and actions, and they may interact with the player character or other NPCs in various ways. Non-player characters can include enemies, allies, merchants, quest givers, and other characters that the player may encounter in the game world.

In Unity, the difference between player characters and non-player characters is typically determined by how they are implemented and controlled in the game. Player characters are usually controlled directly by the player or players, while non-player characters are controlled by the game’s AI.

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