100 Best Unity3d Scripting Videos


Scripting in Unity game engine is the process of writing code in a programming language such as C# or UnityScript to create interactive functionality in a Unity project. This can include creating game mechanics, controlling game objects and their behaviors, handling player input and interactions, and much more.

Scripts are attached to game objects as components, and can be triggered to execute by events such as user input, collisions, or other in-game conditions. They can also be used to access and modify the properties of game objects, such as their position, rotation, scale, or other variables.

Scripting in Unity is an important aspect of game development, as it allows developers to create complex and interactive experiences that would not be possible with just the built-in tools and components provided by the engine. It requires a solid understanding of programming concepts and the Unity API (Application Programming Interface), as well as an ability to think creatively and design solutions to problems.

UnityScript is a variant of the ECMAScript programming language that was developed by Unity Technologies for use in the Unity game engine. It is similar to JavaScript, but includes additional language features and syntax that are specific to Unity. UnityScript is used to create scripts for controlling game objects, managing game logic, handling user input, and other tasks within Unity. It is an easy-to-learn language that is well-suited for creating games and interactive content, and can be used in conjunction with other languages and tools, such as C# and Visual Studio, to create more complex and sophisticated projects.


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