100 Best Unity3d Tutorial Videos


There are several ways to learn how to create virtual humans, or “avatars,” in Unity, a popular game engine and development platform. Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Online tutorials and documentation: Unity provides extensive documentation and tutorials on its website, which can be a good place to start learning about how to create avatars in Unity. These resources cover a range of topics, including how to import and set up character models, how to add animations and control character movement, and how to create custom character behaviors.
  2. Online courses: There are many online courses and tutorials available that focus specifically on creating avatars and characters in Unity. These courses can provide a more structured learning experience and often include project-based assignments to help you apply what you have learned.
  3. Books: There are also a number of books available that cover the topic of creating avatars and characters in Unity. These can be a good resource for more in-depth learning and often include detailed explanations and examples to help you understand the concepts.
  4. YouTube: There are many video tutorials and channels on YouTube that cover creating avatars and characters in Unity. These can be a good resource for visual learners and can provide a more interactive learning experience.

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