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The Virtual Beings Summit is a conference focused on the intersection of virtual beings and web3. The Virtual Beings Summit is organized by Fable Studio. Edward Saatchi is the co-founder of Fable Studio and the Virtual Beings Summit. The conference will feature discussions on topics such as virtual beings in gaming and Hollywood, AI music composition, and the future of AI. Speakers include executives from companies such as Google AI and Netflix, and the conference will be hosted by Fable Studio. There is also a grant program for developers working on virtual beings projects. The conference is being held online and discounts are available for certain attendees.

Edward Saatchi is the CEO of Fable Studio, a company focused on creating virtual beings. He organized the first Virtual Beings Summit in San Francisco in July 2019 and believes that virtual beings, which are characterized by their ability to interact with and empathize with humans, will eventually replace digital home assistants and computer operating systems. Saatchi also believes that virtual beings have the potential to help people become better, more empathetic individuals. He has previously worked in the VR industry and is an advocate for the potential of AI as an art form.


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