100 Best Virtual Person Videos


A virtual person, also known as a virtual human or a digital human, is a computer-generated character that is designed to be as lifelike and realistic as possible. Virtual people can be used in a variety of applications, including entertainment, training, customer service, and more.

Virtual people are typically created using a combination of computer graphics, motion capture, and natural language processing techniques. They can be designed to have a wide range of physical appearances and personalities, and they can be programmed to engage in natural language conversations with humans.

Some of the key uses of virtual people include:

  1. Entertainment: Virtual people are often used in movies, television shows, and video games to create lifelike characters that can interact with human actors or players.
  2. Training: Virtual people can be used to simulate real-world scenarios and situations, allowing users to practice and learn new skills in a controlled environment.
  3. Customer service: Virtual people can be used to provide assistance and support to customers, answering questions and providing information in a natural language conversation.


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