100 Best Virtual Youtuber Videos


A virtual YouTuber (VTuber) is a type of online content creator who uses a virtual avatar, typically a 3D animated character, to represent themselves in videos. These avatars are often used in conjunction with live-streaming software and other video production tools, allowing the VTuber to appear on camera and interact with viewers in real time.

VTubers are typically associated with the Japanese internet culture, but they have gained popularity in other countries as well. Many VTubers produce a wide range of content, including gaming videos, music videos, and other types of entertainment. They often have a large and dedicated following of fans, who engage with the VTuber’s content through social media and other online platforms.

VTubers have become popular in part because they offer a unique and immersive way for creators to connect with their audience. By using a virtual avatar, VTubers are able to create a distinct and visually appealing on-screen presence that can be tailored to their personal style and interests. This has made them a popular choice for creators looking to establish a strong and distinctive online identity.

VTubers often use the VRM file format to create and manage their virtual avatars. The VRM file format provides a wide range of features and tools that are useful for creating and animating realistic and lifelike avatars, making it a popular choice for VTubers and other creators who are working with 3D humanoid avatars.

“VRM” is a file format specifically designed for handling 3D humanoid avatar data in virtual reality (VR) applications. It was developed by Dwango, a Japanese company that specializes in the development of VR technology.

The VRM file format is designed to be used with VR applications that involve the use of 3D humanoid avatars, such as social VR platforms, virtual reality games, and other interactive VR experiences. It allows developers to create, import, and export 3D avatar models that can be used in these applications.

The VRM file format includes support for a wide range of features, including the ability to specify the 3D geometry of the avatar, the texture and appearance of the avatar’s skin and clothing, and the bones and joints that make up the avatar’s skeleton. It also includes support for physics-based simulations and other advanced features that can be used to create realistic and lifelike avatars.


  • 3tene.com .. application for manipulating 3d and 2d characters
  • customcast.jp .. japanese vtuber app
  • dwango.co.jp .. plan and produce virtual reality and educational services
  • facerig.com .. digitally embody awesome characters
  • kizunaai.com .. kizuna ai official website
  • live2d.com .. turn static 2d directly into an interactive model
  • mocap.jp .. spice motion capture studio, tokyo
  • neuronmocap.com .. versatile, adaptable and affordable motion capture system
  • spice-group.jp .. graphic design, 3d computer graphics and motion capture
  • virtualcast.jp .. transform into virtual characters in vr space
  • vkatsu.jp .. japanese avatar making software, available on steam
  • vr.gree.net .. creative production house to develop inspiring vr
  • vroid.com .. free application for creating 3d models of humanoid avatars
  • wrightflyer.net/reality .. reality avatar vtuber live distribution app



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